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In medieval times an armour wasn’t complete without head armor while costume required its final feature – headdress.

Medieval head armor

Speaking of head protection, essential thing to mention is a helmet. Steel Mastery provides a wide range of quality head armor, that spans over historical periods and countries.

  • Our overlook starts from simple straightforward norman helmet usual for early Middle Ages. This type includes Pioneer helmet and Nasal helmet, which were wide-spread over the Western and Eastern Europe.
  • If your favourites are the Crusades or the Golden Horde periods, we have Tatar helmet for Orientalists as well as Phrygian helmet for Westernists.
  • Definitely take a look at respectable fierce great helm – pride of the real knight head armor of High Middle Ages (XIII–XIV centuries) – Sugarloaf helm or Tophelm.
  • Naturally, kettle hats were popular among infantry soldiers in the medieval period Europe, during the XIII – XVI centuries. To fit every taste we offer as modest Chapel-De-Fer so its exquisite descendant – German Morion helmet.
  • For the devoted admirers of the historical reenactment our craftsmen have forged absolutely magnificent authentic sallet, highly wide-spread in Medieval Western Europe in the XV century – the period of gothic armour’s origination. Check out French sallet with bevor, fabulous Winged sallet or Burgundian sallet - Burgonet.
  • Additionally, we produce such a highly beloved popular in the XV century Italy barbute – Middle Ages head armor with no visor. Another name for barbute is Italian sallet or Italian bascinet. If we have your attention - meet our Italian barbute.
  • Our immodestly huge collection of the best medieval helmets and mоdern armoury in Europe includes:

Bascinets. Starting from the earliest samples with mail aventail, such as Bascinet mid-14th century, brutal Bascinet Klappvisor, Bascinet hounskull and finishing with the Great Bascinet.

Armets. The last one among true fighting helmets, impeccable in its protection while as functional as you can imagine. Here, at Steel Mastery, we have Armet  from garniture of George Clifford so as others on their place of honour.

  • Interested in exotic? How about a custom stylization of Samurai Japanese kabuto or «THIS IS SPARTA!!!» Hoplite HelmetCorinthian helmet dated 500 BC.
  • Do you enjoy fantasy and LARP? The fanciful Greek style helmet along with Leather Sallet are in our armoury.
  • We are offering you comfortable head armor, optimized for full contact SCA practices and fights. This includes Conical SCA helmet for HEMA, IMB and Battle of Nations. For fencing practice purposes a Fencing helmet is in our stock.

Sometimes such protection is not enough. For optimum safety we produce medieval mail head armor, like mail coifs and aventails – decent choice for neck-collarbones protection. They were quite popular during the Crusades plus excellently fit to the great helm. We recommend not only traditional mail coifs and aventails, but various rare items like scale Aventail as well.

In addition, padded liners and caps and padded pelerines and aventails are necessary, as you can choose quilted head and neck protection you need. They are essential parts, considering it is fairly uncomfortable and dangerous to wear a piece during the fight without it.

Medieval headdress

Interested in medieval headwear? Steel Mastery offers any kind you wish: 

  • A variety of milled felt hats, mostly universal, suitable both for men and women: 

fashionable Middle Ages headwear felt Tyrolean hat 

frivolous wide-brimmed felt hat

Modest historical medieval fulled headwear

Plus loads of other stylish as well as custom medieval headdress.

We are proud of our craftsmen, who forge head armour, produce mail aventails, sew quilted protection and hattery for over 15 years. Our artisans make truly awesome clothing you just wouldn’t want to take off. There is only one condition to fulfill to receive your custom medieval head armor or headdress - precisely and correctly take measurements when placing an order. We don’t want you to have any trouble with this process – we’ve prepared the manual How to take measurements for helmets.

Easy steps to place an order:

  • Сhoose a head piece
  • Follow manual to take measurements
  • Сontact our manager

If the product you’ve received doesn’t fit for any reason, return it at your own cost so that we will produce the new one according to your wishes or corrections. It is indeed important for us not just to sell you something, but to delight you with the great product, you will be pleased to wear for years and years. If you looked all head armor or headwear through but haven’t found a desirable model, tell us about it via email [email protected] We will create a new one specially for you according to your photos, pictures and wishes.

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Padded medieval coif
Robin Kleinschmidt
Padded medieval coif

Fits perfectly, looks great and the communication was absolutely perfect. Would always recommend this Shop!

Padded medieval coif
 Giovanni Chiroli
Padded medieval coif

Great product, very comfortable especially under the helmet, perfect measurements

Padded medieval coif
Ilan Abehssera
Padded medieval coif

Well crafted, fits perfectly, fast and good communication with the team, perfect thanks!

Medieval hood with long tail
Kryton Gackle
Medieval hood with long tail

Fantastic in nearly every way. I recommend to anyone looking for that 'look' or style.