Ready padded armour

About Ready padded armour

We are selling our gambesons, that was used only for photo sessions. We didn't use it in battles, just in promotional photoshoots.

If some good have any damages/traces, we mention it in description.

Review about items

  • Closed-front gambeson - 1 layer padded armour
    Ienei Francisc

    I am satisfied with your work quality. I will recommend it to my brothers.

  • Gambeson - 1 Layer padded armour

    Very happy about this product. It's a bit warm when you pu it on, but the cloth breathes nicely thanks to its holes below the armpits. The buckles look resistant, and even tough you'll feel a bit stuck with your arms at first, you'll be able to wield a sword in no time (I tried, and it works fine) !

  • Padded chausses - 1 layer padding

    A tad tight, as in a bit difficult to put on. However, once you're in, it fits like a glove. You should be careful with the strappings (especially the one below your foot, if you have long feet like me) when you put on the chausses in order to not break them, even if they seem pretty resilient.

  • Viking gambeson - 3 layers padding
    Fjodor Muchortov

    Excellent! Perfectly fits (L size). Precisely made, nothing left unfinished, or undone. Fast delivery, perfect communication. Recommending to all.

  • Gambeson - 3 Layer padded armour
    Dean Toron

    Amazing new find! Found this guys on medieval market in Orange. Bought some chausses and gambeson, just love them. Great quality, perfect fit. Will definitely be buying from them again!