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Head armor

About Head armor


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Hoplite soldier’s armor and weapon

So, let's talk about hoplites, hoplon, doru, muscle armors, linothorax, greek helmets, and greaves!

About items in publications

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Nasal helm
Jason Birk
Nasal helm

I purchased mine three years ago. And, I could not be more happy with it. I have used it in countless combats and it has always protected me. It is dented and beaten no. But that makes it all the more realistic. Buy one. You will love it.

Helm of Nikolskoe (Orel region. Russia). End of XII - XIII centuries
Helm of Nikolskoe (Orel region. Russia). End of XII - XIII centuries

It's really nice replica, workmanship is fantastic. Helm is light and fits my head perfectly. I added aventail so low-face is also protected now. Thanks a lot

Great Helm
Stacey Wells (The Pieman)
Great Helm

Bought this second hand from a colleague, drilled extra air holes for better breathing and wore it in IMCF 2018 world championships. It is a tank and has taken extreme blows and I've never felt a bit. Love this lid.

 Kettle hat (Kettle helm)  with high top point
Viktor Bulanienkov
Kettle hat (Kettle helm) with high top point

Great helmet!!! Steel-Mastery you are the best.