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About Hands


Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right.

Ani DiFranco

So if you want to hold weapon perfectly, Steel Mastery presents a rich collection of medieval hand armor, thoroughly developed and produced by professionals of their craft. Every single of our hand protection provides maximum protection, comfort, and functionality. 

  • First products to draw your attention are definitely metal fingered and mitten gauntlets – the pinnacle of Medieval period engineering – stylish, glorious, and fabulous for historical reenactment, fencing, SCA and other Medieval style events and competitions. This section will help with choosing fully authentic classic finger gauntlets, brutal plate gloves for fencing, not as elegant but absolutely unbreachable. These item’s noble steel completes any set while guaranteeing its owner great quality as well as high protection. Just imagine how you lay down your hand armor to your opponent ;)
  • Brigandine mittens are a little less popular than original ones, however, protect as well. Moreover, they are magnificent with brigandine armor. For example, take historical Visby brigandine gauntlets for Visby armor. In case you need best combat mittens, we have these - set of leather laminar mittens, made of steel but covered with leather, modest however comfortable and greatly protecting.
  • If you are a proud owner of late XIII-XIV Medieval armor, we have scale and mail gauntlets and mittens – mail hand protection for those who want to feel oneself a Crusader or Viking. This early type of protection is a handcrafted mailed canvas sewn on the quilted mitten. Just like this medieval period chainmail glove with rondels.
  • In Padded gloves and leather mittens sections, we have various padded hand armour you can use just as functional standalone guard for the soft training as well as insets into a metal fist or steel hand protection. More to that, there are such peculiar items like manica - gladiator padded protection.

For over 15 years our craftsmen are forging, riveting, sewing historical hand armor for your arms that are holding weapons. Being in accordance with Medieval style armour fashion, this protection, nonetheless, represents the highest level of quality plus reliability. This guarantees that owners are happy to have all their fingers safe and unharmed during the fiercest fights. 

Before placing order remember to take measurements. For your convenience, we’ve prepared How to take measurements for gauntlets manual. Be sure to use it to receive proper custom handcrafted hand armor. After all, we will certainly produce it according to your order. 

In case the item you’ve ordered doesn’t fit, you can always return it at your cost so that craftsmen from Steel Mastery can readjust your order in a way that satisfies your desires.

You’ve looked all our hand armor collection through and haven’t found anything for your taste? No problem! Contact us via our email [email protected], send pictures, photos, and wishes so we can produce an entirely new custom model specifically for you.

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About items in publications

How to wear medieval gloves

Guys, look our review of incredibly cool gloves! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvLdilnoVOo
This practical model was widespread among knight in the Middle Ages. 

About items in publications

Review about items

Visby brigandine gloves
Visby brigandine gloves

A class of their own! Fitting perfectly to my hands and staying snuggly on, they have great mobility for my fingers and wrist. If that wasn't enough, they catch the eye of everyone who takes a look at my armor set, becoming the first thing that everyone wants to see!

Leather laminar mitten
Leather laminar mitten

Great protection, easy to repare when hits cut the links!

Set of leather laminar mittens
Set of leather laminar mittens

For the price, good. Just keep in mind the leather thongs will eventually break, this happened to me during a fight. Additionally, side of the thumb is unprotected, got hit there with a 2 handed SCA sword and the result was a smashed thumb. The palm straps stretch over time so keep them in check, or your fingers may find their way in between the sword handle and the plates, which, if hit, would be a big ouch. I can recommend these for spear work and perhaps for sword and axe work with shield. Not recommended for polarm or other two-handed weapon work. Note also the wrist area does not have a metal plate.

Plate gloves for modern sword fencing
Jeffery Hamilton
Plate gloves for modern sword fencing

Absolutely amazing craftsmanship and to coin the phrase they fit like a glove. Can't wait to test them out at my Greman Longsword class this week!