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Welcome to the Steel Mastery's HEMA section, where you can choose any Historical European Martial Arts equipment you are interested in.

About HEMA

HEMA became popular at the end of the XXth century, although it is known that fans of the sport existed in the XIXth century. So if you are already practicing or just discovering the art of medieval and early Renaissance European swordsmanship, then this section contains everything you need for beginners as well as advanced fencers.

Both weapons and protective equipment and clothing are available here. Our products meet all the requirements for this relatively new, but increasingly popular sport. And if you require specific equipment or clothing, please contact us via [email protected] and we will design and manufacture it for you.

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Review about items

Eco Rapier
Eco Rapier

Just received my rapier and it has a good temper, which is all i could ask for. I think I'll have fun with this thing. Thanks guys.

HEMA style gambeson
Jaedon Geach
HEMA style gambeson

I know five star's is looking like a bot, but the quality of the product really is that great. I've got a custom tailored gambeson and padded liner, it did not leave anything to be desired and is quite comfortable, the only downside is I can't wear it all summer for its too hot.

HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching
HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching

Fantastic piece. Fits, great, looks great. I would make sure to get the lace on sleeves for maximum mobility if you plan to actually fight in it

HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching
HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching

I was so looking forward to the gambeson and it was way beyond what I expected! Amazing product. Looks very nice, I do feel mighty wearing it and it fits just right. :) Thank you for creating my first-ever piece.