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Welcome to the Steel Mastery's HEMA section, where you can choose any Historical European Martial Arts equipment you are interested in.

About HEMA

HEMA became popular at the end of the XXth century, although it is known that fans of the sport existed in the XIXth century. So if you are already practicing or just discovering the art of medieval and early Renaissance European swordsmanship, then this section contains everything you need for beginners as well as advanced fencers.

Both weapons and protective equipment and clothing are available here. Our products meet all the requirements for this relatively new, but increasingly popular sport. And if you require specific equipment or clothing, please contact us via [email protected] and we will design and manufacture it for you.

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Review about items

Eco Rapier
Eco Rapier

(Musketeer blade tri-blade) A bit on the smaller side, though that may be personal preference, however I highly recommend this as a beginner and introduction to Rapier as a whole. For the more experienced I recommend Thibault teachings in sparring, and maybe a good practice sword for Capo Farro, and maybe even Marozzo Bolognese single sword. all in all, the sword is light, durable, and comfortable for an affordable price. (~$100 USD)

HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching
HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching

Just got my gambeson from here, great fit, really helpful and friendly people, I'd happily recommend them

Soft armor and hema helmet
Maksims Sirotkins
Soft armor and hema helmet

Helmet which I received looked different then current pictures without steel dome's upper arch. Mastery explained that it was removed in favor to make helmet more adjustable... and it is really very adjustable and still provides solid protection.

HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching
HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching

Greate products and service