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Brigandine armor

Brigandine armor is a plate armor, which combines both an element of clothing and a protective element in the form of metal plates.

About Brigandine armor

The term “brigandine” comes from the name of foot soldiers «brigands», which actively used this plate armor. It was a kind of intermediate link between the full chain mail and the plate armor. 

The time of active use of brigandine armor accounts for XIV-XV centuries. As in Europe they have not immediately returned to the Roman traditions of making cuirasses, for some time brigandine was a pretty good substitute for the armor.

Brigandine armour could be divided into 4 zones:

  1. brigand body armor

Brigandine developed from an earlier version of so-called «coat of plates», which appeared at the end of the XII century. This armor, in fact, was the same brigandine only with larger plates. Sometimes there were two large plates, which closed the chest and a range of horizontal plates, which covered the stomach and the groin. From the external side at the top there were two rows of large rivets in a semicircle. At the bottom there were more rivets, but they were smaller.

The outer layer of brigadine is a jacket made ​​of leather, velvet or linen. The jacket had a form of a doublet. Very often the plates were attached to a simpler linen basis, on top of which was sewn a layer of velvet or silk. The jacket usually did not have sleeves because the brigandine was usually dressed over gambeson or chain mail. Although there are images with the examples of brigandines with sleeves. Metal plates rivet on to the inner side of the jacket. Brigandines fastened from the front or on each side with leather straps. There are also references about the lacing. Surcoat with decorations and emblem can be worn over brigandine.

The design of the brigandine was quite successful. Weight was distributed in such a way that the main thrust was on the shoulders and hips. Knight's variants of brigandines were more fitted, because were individually made to order. Such brigandines consisted of many small segments. Brigandines were notable for the quality of trimming, and the representatives of all classes, even monarchs could wear them.

When in the XV century armor began to be more used by foot soldiers, it became more baggy. The size of the plates increased. Such armor was easier to pass to other foot soldier without additional fitting , in case of the death of previous owner. Manufacture and refit of brigandines were relatively simple and could be executed on-the-spot.  Damaged knights suits of armor served as plates for soldier brigandines. The missing segments were actually cut of them.

The plates were attached to the jacket overlap. Fastening of plates could be both vertically and horizontally. Rivets on brigandines were put down in groups of a few pieces on one plate. Rivets on metal plates, made for the wealthy nobles, were made ​​of brass, bronze, and could be covered with gold or silver. Sometimes they marked them coining from the outside. Some fragments of plastic images indicate the presence of large metal breastplate at the front of some brigandines. Chains were attached to this breastplate to support the sword and the shield.

The location of plates on the jacket varied. Here are a few examples of the location of plates on the brigandine that was popular in the mid-14th century.

  • At the top there is a row of vertical plates covering the chest. Quantity of plates - 3. A row of horizontal plates covers an abdominal cavity, which is a little bit more in quantity - from 2 to 5. On each side there are two rows of vertical plates from 2 to 7.
  • The segments that protect the abdominal cavity and the sides of a soldier, are united in one row of vertical plates.
  • The armor basis of this brigandine consists of a large number (about 500) vertically arranged plates. The size of these segments is small 2-3 x 8-10 cm.
  1. brigand hand armor

  2. brigand arm armor

  3. brigand leg armor

What is interesting and attractive in brigandines of "Steel-Mastery" production?

Our main difference and advantage is in the individual making of brigandine armor. Turning to us for brigandine gauntlets, body, arms or legs protection, you can select standard models from the vast catalogue of products, or send your own, individual design or picture.

Upper part of brigandine armor (tire) is sewn only from natural materials:

  1. silk
  2. leather
  3. velvet
  4. wool
  5. suede
  6. cotton
  7. linen.

Metal plates for brigandine armor are made ​​of different materials: ordinary steel or stainless steel, titanium alloy. The use of these technologies is more practical. As a result it facilitates care for armor, increases its strength. The latter is especially important for buhurt participants. Titanium brigandine armor is notable for great strength, does not rust and has twice lower weight in comparison with steel armor.

Brigandine armor rivets are made of steel or brass at the wish of customer.

If desired, brigandine can be decorated. The outer side may consist of several colored parts, or can have heraldic galloons, emblems and mottoes. Figure design of leather straps and buckles is possible. The bottom of brigandine can be decorated with festoons, the edges of which are bound with a decorative selvage.

An additional chest plate with chainholder can be set, decorated with painting or etching.

We manufacture brigandines individually for your measurements, by brigandine armor patterns. If you are not sure, how to define your size, please have a look at this table

Review about items

  • Middle Ages brigandine with fastenings in the front
    Middle Ages brigandine with fastenings in the front

    Johan Thedwall

    Got my brigandine and its fits perfect, just like a glove. Will order more from Steel masters in the future.

  • Visby brigandine with fastenings on the back, 1361
    Visby brigandine with fastenings on the back, 1361


    Brigandine fits perfects and keeps ups with the hits. Thank you!

  • Mongolian (Asian) warrior armor: 11 - 17 century
    Mongolian (Asian) warrior armor: 11 - 17 century


    J'ai reçu cette armure il y a peu de temps. Les finitions sont parfaites et la qualité de fabrication est parfaite. J'ai opté pour un modèle en tissus et en titane de 1 mm. J'ai choisi le titane pour des raisons de solidité et de légèreté. je souhaite utiliser cette armure autant en combat libre quand tournage vidéo de combat chorégraphié. Pour le moment je l'ai utilisé en combat d'entrainement et de démonstration et je ne suis pas déçu. Les plaques tiennent le choc sans problème. Donc pour finir un bon produit fait avec soin I received this armor recently. The finishes are perfect and the build quality is perfect. I opted for a fabric and titanium model of 1 mm. I chose titanium for reasons of strength and lightness. I want to use this armor in free combatand also in choreographed video shooting. For now I used it in training and demonstration combat and I'm not disappointed. The plates hold the shock without problem. So to finish a good product done with care

  • Brigandine of European knight: 13-14th century
    Brigandine of European knight: 13-14th century

    Jeroen Moritz

    I have had extremely good value from my purchase of this brigandine, it has a vast array of customisation and it is very comfortable and relatively light to wear. Barely feel hits in combat, with only minor exterior damage to the brigandine from time to time. Extreme ease of use, no need to make someone your squire for 20 minutes 5 straps is all it takes. In and out under 3 minutes. Have worn this brigandine for 8 hours straight with only minor exhaustion during the day. Does get heavier in the later hours. Used to own a gothic platemail, but cleaning and maintenance weren't for me. Not a huge fan of coat of arms hiding armor either, so the brigandine was a very good compromise between both. Would recommend stainless steel as a upgrade since you cannot clean the steel inside and the upgrade is very affordable. If you are looking for good protection, ease of use, low maintenance, high quality and good pricing, look no further. The brigandine is the piece of armor you seek.

  • European brigandine of the 14-15th century
    European brigandine of the 14-15th century

    Alexandre Mederres

    Really satisfied, the quality of work done is beautiful, it cash very well shock

  • Brigandine for staging and LARP, model 1
    Brigandine for staging and LARP, model 1

    Karl Antony

    Perfect quality. Fast delivery. Ann you are the best! Thank you for all your help!

  • Khatangu degel of the Golden Horde warrior, XIV-XV century
    Khatangu degel of the Golden Horde warrior, XIV-XV century

    Tom Eldwin

    I just done some training in behourd. 15 min of fighting with 7 assault (2/2 fighters). The bracers are ok with only 3 lacers that are damaged but not totally. The brigandine is really cool and get just a cut of 1cm. A strong hit with à two handed axe on my ribs. No damage for me. Thank you to you and and you're blacksmith.

  • Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)
    Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)


    Big thanks to the whole team! This corazzine is one of the most splendid armor I've ever had!

  • Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)
    Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)

    T. Frank

    The armor is solid and quite handsome. Great product.

  • Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)
    Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)

    Lucas Custer

    I would definitely recommend it. It was my first time buying armor online, easy to order and fast delivery, good packaging. I collected my order at Orange medieval market, so shipping was for free. I met there my manager, with whom I was doing the order and the owner of the store. They are very nice and reliable guys.

  • Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)
    Munich brigandine (corazzine) from Hohenschwangau castle,1360-1450 (14 - 15 century)

     Prince Val

    I was the first to command this brigandine, she is perfect, well formed, solid and resists well to shocks ! Elegant and noble, I recommend it to all knights of high rank !

  • Leather laminar mitten
    Leather laminar mitten

     PL. G.

    Awesome mitten, fits well, used in buhurt duel, strong enought to get my hand out of trouble. I recommend.

  • Brigandine arms of the XV century
    Brigandine arms of the XV century


    These arms are really effective! You have done a great job, thank you!