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About Arms


«With the advance of feudalism came the growth of iron armor, until, at last, a fighting-man resembled an armadillo.»

John Boyle O'Reilly

The heavier the damage done by the sword the stronger medieval arm armor needed for hand holding this sword. Steel Mastery cares about your safety – our craftsmen tirelessly forge arm guard. Having 15 years of experience, they create real masterpieces of metal and leather – functional, comfortable and battle-ready. They are capable to produce pretty much anything. It’s your choice!

Firstly, definitely check out shining metal bracers, couters, and full arms. Being fair blade Medieval plated arms guaranteed perfect shoulder-to-wrist protection ages ago and so does today. This section has it all: from tank among Medieval period full arm protection with pauldron to fabulous English gothic pointed elbow caps or modest Eastern vambraces stylization.

If shiny steel is too pompous, would you prefer a delightful leather, wool or else cover of your choice in Brigandine arms protection? This historical arm harness is lighter than all-metal however protects as good. It was just as popular in medieval times. Everything from full brigandine arms to compact bracers is here.

Previous arms armour isn’t enough? Look through spaulders and pauldrons section. It has a historical replica of knight pauldrons so as comfortable beautiful fantasy design shoulders. By the efforts of Steel Mastry’s blacksmiths, all members of our shoulder armor collection are quality and functional, so it’s your choice to make.

Leather arm armor and LARP and fantasy arms armour sections are the pure bliss for those who seek for not as much historical arm armour, but for beauty and uniqueness. The handcrafted leather arm harness is really fabulous. Take a look at stylish dragon skin full arm protection, brutal spaulders of Thorin Oakenshield, elegant handmade Dark Elf bracers. Are you not into medieval or fantasy? How about arm armour in Steampunk style?

If you need medieval arms armor that is not in the collection, send us photos, pictures, wishes regarding the model you want via [email protected]. Our craftsmen will gladly produce it.

All you do to order is: choose a model, take accurate measurements, send it all to us.

If you’ve never done it before, so use manual on how to take measurements for arms armor and how to take measurements for plate spaulders. Just follow it, everything else is on us. 

If you are not happy with your order, you can return it at your own cost. We will produce the new one according to your wishes and corrections. We are working for you! Our goal is to provide you with a cool medieval custom arm armor that will delight as much as protect you for years and years.

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Review about items

Brigandine arms of the XV century
Brigandine arms of the XV century

These arms are really effective! You have done a great job, thank you!

Leather brigandine bracers
Leather brigandine bracers

Bracers are good, leather is perfectly carfted. Also its quite flexible so I may wear brace over more or less thick underarmor and regulate width with belts. Special thanks to professional and kind customer service manager who answered all my questions promptly.

Plate shoulders bump stops in the Milan style
Plate shoulders bump stops in the Milan style

We got a pair of these (as part of a set) for our son (17) and they are superb. The workmanship is second to none and the attention to detail wonderful. They're heavyweight, sturdy and feels like they should last a lifetime.

Simple Plate shoulders late 14th - early 15th century
H Baumann
Simple Plate shoulders late 14th - early 15th century

Very well made, fits perfectly over my gambeson. Looking forward to more pieces from Steel Mastery.