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Body armor

About Body armor


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HEMA jacket gambeson style
 Julien Loze
HEMA jacket gambeson style

I ordered this gambeson for HEMA, with the following options: - 2 layers, - 350N puncture resistant fabric, - dark blue color. It is absolutely great ! The gambeson looks incredibly good, fits perfectly and offers good protection. I only used it for light contact sparring with very rigid synthetic swords, and I didn't feel a thing while receiving thrusts to my chest and cuts to my arms. I plan to add other pieces of equipement for heavier sparring in the future, though. Like some other comments said, this gambeson also provides great mobility, even though I ordered the two layers version. As a conclusion : it's a great product, I definitely recommend it !

HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching
Dario Demmig
HEMA style gambeson with diamond stitching

Fits perfectly, looks awesome, protects well. Combined with the personalized stuff that is available it is just amazing.

Brigandine armor for SCA and fencing (basic model)
Red Scale
Brigandine armor for SCA and fencing (basic model)

This has to be my favourite purchase from Steel Mastery. It's just amazing! Has great comfort and makes one feel like a tank, perfect!

Brigandine sport-optimized (XVth century)
Nick JM
Brigandine sport-optimized (XVth century)

Hello everyone my experience with Steele Mastery has been a very positive and welcoming experience. They are nothing if not very accommodating with any questions and worries, any I had and asked were responded to almost immediately like within the hour. Which is not common for a online website in my experience. I got a brigandine armour and the quality is amazing, I don’t know why they don’t use armours like these in media they look cool and are quite easy to move in. All and all the whole experience was a 10/10. Ps give Ann a raise she’s awesome.