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Medieval gauntlets and gloves

About Medieval gauntlets and gloves

This section contains different types of medieval plate hand protection, which were used in Europe in the Middle Ages.

All models are handcrafted and made-to-measure. Every item is made according to the original armour, which you can see in the old manuscripts or in museums.

There are few easy steps to order one of these models:

  1. Open the item, which you want;
  2. Choose type and thickness of metal;
  3. Choose buckles and rivets;
  4. Define the decoration (such as brass strips or etching);
  5. Choose the type of finish treatment;
  6. Make choice of the wished colour of leather belts;
  7. Choose type of fingers (scale, brigandine or articulated).

If you have some difficulties with choosing, please contact our manager. We’ll help you to define your size, required model and its complement.

Once all options have chosen, you need to add item to the cart and make a payment. After that, manager will contact you with measurement request and specification of order’s details.

All samples of plate mittens, gloves and gauntlets are perfect for participation in the tournaments of medieval fencing, historical festivals, bohurts and reenactment events. Depending on the complement, such defense is compliant to the standards and rules of such social movements, as SCA (The Society for Creative Anachronism), HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), HMB (Historical medieval battles).

If you didn’t find required element of armour in this section, we can make it individually for you. Just send picture with detailed description to [email protected], then we will quote you and discuss details of order.

So-called “hourglass” gauntlets were the earliest model of plate hand protection. Steel wristband were flaring to the top, so such shape gave name to this glove. One solid plate provided with protection of upper part of hand. It was covering base of thumb and wrist joint. Together with “one-piece” gloves, models with few wrist segments were in use as well. Such construction was making a hand more movable and gave it an opportunity to use weapon with more comfort.

Starting the XV century, design of plate hand defense became more complicated and advanced. Milan style gauntlets were protecting hand and fingers from the blows. Besides, they had another advantage – they were easy in making. Thus, due to moderate price, such gauntlets were affordable for most part of knights.

Milanese gloves covered all sides of the wrist almost completely. Hand and fingers were hidden only from the outer side. In this model, four fingers were set against the thumb. It was totally protected from the outside, and at the same time was able to bend all phalanges. For firm fixation of the palm, leather belts with steel or brass buckles had been installed on the gloves.

Plate protection was wearing over the leather of fabric gauntlet. For better durability, back side of hand could be stuffed with wool or felt.

Design of gothic style gaunltets was similar to Milanese hand defense, but outer view was significantly different. Such gauntlets had elongated wristband with pointed triangle border. Also, it had typical features of gothic armour, such as ribs and fluting. They were applied on the plate, which covered back side of hand and on the wristbands.

The main difference between plate gauntlets from the gloves were in the separate protection of each finger. At the same time, all segments of gauntlets were moving on the hinges. Leather belts were also used for fixation. Such design provided with good mobility and allowed using of new types of attack armament: one’s need to move the trigger, when used a shotgun.

Some surviving examples of plate hand armour had a hollow on the middle finger for family ring. Besides, gauntlets could be decorated with cut ornamental patterns on the edges, perforation of different shapes, simple brass strips or etched elements.

If you'd like to make hand protection by yourself, please read step-by-step guide how to craft knight gauntlets of the XIV-XV centuries.

And reading another article, you will know a lot about evolution of knight's hand protection - from primitive leather mufflers to the plate Milanese gauntlets.

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Guys, look our review of incredibly cool gloves! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvLdilnoVOo
This practical model was widespread among knight in the Middle Ages. 

About items in publications

Review about items

Classic Finger Gauntlets
Bill G.
Classic Finger Gauntlets

Very high quality, I am very pleased. They fit well. good articulation and excellent craftmanship.

Gloves in the German style - the mid-15th century
my name jeff
Gloves in the German style - the mid-15th century

its great

Plate gloves for modern sword fencing
Jeffery Hamilton
Plate gloves for modern sword fencing

Absolutely amazing craftsmanship and to coin the phrase they fit like a glove. Can't wait to test them out at my Greman Longsword class this week!