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Padded chausses

About Padded chausses

In section “Padded chausses” you will find different types of padded underarmour for legs. We make every model by hands according to the historical analogues and individual parameters of each customer.

You need to do only few clicks to order the wished chausses or padded thigh protection:

  1. Open the page or required item;
  2. Choose outer and inner fabric;
  3. Select a colour;
  4. Define your size;
  5. Choose quantity of layers of padding (depending on the main armour, which you’ll wear over the chausses).

If you have any difficulties with choosing, please contact us. Our manager will gladly answer all your questions.

Once all options have chosen, you need to add item to the cart and make a payment. After that, manager will contact you with measurement request and specification of order’s details.

If you did not find the wished piece of padded underarmour in this section, we can make it individually for you. Just send picture with detailed description to [email protected]. Then we will advise you price and discuss details of order.

Knights of the Temple were the first who started to wear woolen chausses (kind of thick few-layered long stockings) in the XII century. In time, when chainmail and plate leg protection had appeared, warriors faced the necessity of using of the underarmour clothing. First of all, such piece of clothing considerably amortized the power of a blow, that allowed avoiding of severe injuries. Secondly, steel armour was chafing against knight’s skin, and went out of sweat and blood. Finally, thick underarmour was protecting knight during furious cold or heat (as metal was heating or freezing very quickly).

That is why warriors were wearing chainmail stockings, plate leg defense and greaves over the padded chausses. Such chausses could have from 2 to 10 layers, or sometimes even more.

Chausses could be on-piece and pulled on like stockings. Sometimes knights were wearing wet chausses for better fitting on the legs. Other models had a lacing on the backside or inner side of calf. Such design allowed more comfortable wearing and fitting with the main armour.

Chausses were attached to the belt with strings or belts. Sometimes, they were being fastened directly to the upper clothing – doublet, gambeson or aketon.

Some chausses had leather sole. Plates shoes sabatons were worn over such chausses.

Padded thigh protection was in use as well. Fighters were wearing knee caps and brigandine or plate leg defense over such cuisses. This protection did not hinder the movements of a knight during mounted or dismounted battle.

Due to thickness, wearing of main armour did not discomfort, and striking force was decreasing by times.

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Review about items

Long padded chausses
Davigo Augustin
Long padded chausses

J'ai reçu mes chausses gamboisées et j'en suis satisfait ! Merci beaucoup.

Belt for chausses with leather suspenders
Belt for chausses with leather suspenders

Top customer service. Again any time.

Belt for chausses with leather suspenders
Belt for chausses with leather suspenders

Fits perfectly, holds the armor

Long padded chausses
William Glitsch
Long padded chausses

I have to again say EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP.. They fit very well and the belt is incredible. As usual Steel Mastery is the best at quality, in material and workmanship. Highly recommended.