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Medieval hood
Medieval hood

The hood is comfortable. It's also very big, even with custom head and neck measurements, so you can either wear it normally or conceal your face if you wish. It's light enough so you don't notice it much when having it down. Make sure you wear it far enough forward so it doesn't begin to slip back as you move around in it.

Landsknecht hat with cuts
Jens Lenders
Landsknecht hat with cuts

Although I had to wait a while because of the hard work and the delivery 2000 km away, I was pleasantly surprised by the great quality of the hat. I would definitely recoomend this hat. I was able to choose my own colours and it looks perfect!

Medieval men s headwear, XIV-XV centuries
Medieval men s headwear, XIV-XV centuries

Fits perfectly. My new favourite hat! Excellent service as well. Worth the wait.

Chaperon of the XV century
Maverick Lachance
Chaperon of the XV century

Amazing quality, soft fabric and a very good fit! This chaperon will up your costume a notch for certain.