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Plate armor

Medieval plate armor has a great popularity in the modern world!  This section is for real men who are ready to transform instantly by purchasing our armor to their liking. Plate armor of our website is suitable for historical reenactors, people who are interested in participating in knightly tournaments, in SCA combats, LARP, and for those who are willing to buy medieval body armor for the interior.

About Plate armor

Welcome to the section “Plate armor”! Here you can see dozens of various models of medieval metal armor: as separate parts from different historical periods and areas, so full sets of body protection.

This section contains 11 categories:

1. Medieval full suit of armor. Since prehistoric time people tried to protect their bodies from the blows of the enemy. On our site, you may choose more recent versions of protection, which remind about the era of kings and knights, of great tournaments and crusades. Even if you do not imagine yourself as one of the Knights of the Round Table, it is always possible to use our handcrafted armor for medieval interior.

In this category you can see a variety of armor sets, that were used in different eras. Examples of full armor suit are: the armor in Churburg style, steel English full set of armor, steel gothic full armor set, as well as blued gothic full armor set. Every item is handmade, are crafted ​​to individual customer’s size, taking into account all wishes and regards.

2.​ Medieval helmets. Artfully manufacturing the metal, we offer a wide selection of knight helmets. In the primitive world, such products were too expensive, that’s why for a long time helms remained inaccessible to most warriors. Now, looking at modern helmets made of composite materials with built-in radio transmitters and receivers, it is difficult to imagine that they were completely out of paper. We offer you the most popular types of medieval helmets: from the most simple helmets, such as kettle hat, chapel-de-fer, to the most difficult, but also incredibly beautiful helmets: sugarloaf helm, onion top bascinet with klappvisor, hounskull, Japanese helmet Kabuto and historical helmets with a variety of visors. All the helmets are custom handmade by our artisans by personal parameters of client.

3. Cuirasses, breastplates and gorgets. Definitely, cuirass is one of the major components of the historical protective equipment that covers the torso of warrior. It may be crafted of either metal or leather. Medieval breastplates may serve both as an independent armor, so as a part of the set. While cuirass or breastplate protect the torso, such type of Middle Ages armor as gorgets (or bevor) is designed to protect chin and neck against swords and other bladed weapons. Usually, it was used together with helmet and full armor. Our site has a wide selection of cuirasses with or without skirt and tassets, breastplates and gorgets in Italian, English, Churburg styles.

4. Fingered and mitten gauntlets. Hands might be on the most important part of your body. As a warrior holds weapon with hands and fingers, so if they injured, you simply will not be able to fight. Our craftsmen can make perfect functional medieval hand armor: fingered gauntlets, plated mittens or gloves. Each model protects hand at the highest level and let your fingers move free at the same time.

5. Cuisses, jambs, poleyns and sabatons. This section presents those parts of the armor, which protect legs, namely the thighs, knees, calves and feet. You can purchase from us full protection of the legs, such as German or English gothic leg protection or armor for different parts: knee caps with different types of rondels for knee protection, greaves armor for defense of front part or complete calf, and of course sabatons – knight steel shoes. All the products can be customized and decorated by wish of the customer.

6. Plated pauldrons and spaulders. Metal spaulders as a part of shoulder armor and partly neck. They are entirely made of metal, very rarely include leather. We produce shoulders and pauldrons in Italian, German, English styles. All products are hand crafted, taking into account the needs and size of every customer. This Middle Ages armor is usually tied up to padded gambeson or cuirass.

7. Bracers, couters and full arm armor. In this category, we present such an important part of armor as arms protection. We suggest that you choose both full guard of arms from wrist to shoulder, and individual parts. In addition to full arms, here you will find the protection of the forearm, such as The boat – popular Eastern arm armour or stylization – sport metal arm protection for SCA. It is also possible to purchase elbow caps as a separate piece, with or without rondels of different shapes.      

8. Medieval shields. Shields are the most popular defense equipment known from ancient times. It could have different shapes (round, triangle, square), sizes (small fist shields bucklers with diameter 20-40 cm or large shields of height at least 110 cm), materials (wood, plywood, steel, bronze). In this category, you may see custom-made shield (as ready so for self-assembling). Every model may be customized and decorated with painting or etched brass plates.

9. Rivets for armor maintenance. If it’s necessary to repair any part of the armor, we offer you to buy set of 50 steel or brass rivets of different diameter. These rivets are perfect as for steel armor, so for brigandines.


10. Fantasy and LARP armor. If you are fascinated with LARP or cosplays, or just love fantasy movies or games and would like to create a look of your favorite character, this category is just for you! Unique handcrafted body defense of leather and steel is made of the high quality materials.

11. Leather armor. Here you may see armor protection for any part of body – as bracers and spaulders, so cuirasses, leather aketon and full sets. We use only the best natural leather of different colors to create our armor. Every detail, every plate and belts are cut by hands of our artisans.

We always open to new ideas! Please send drafts/pictures/full description of armour that you would like to have to [email protected] and we will be happy to create it for you!

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About items in publications

How to wear medieval gloves

Guys, look our review of incredibly cool gloves! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvLdilnoVOo
This practical model was widespread among knight in the Middle Ages. 

Hoplite soldier’s armor and weapon

So, let's talk about hoplites, hoplon, doru, muscle armors, linothorax, greek helmets, and greaves!

Hoplite soldier’s armor and weapon

So, let's talk about hoplites, hoplon, doru, muscle armors, linothorax, greek helmets, and greaves!

About items in publications

Review about items

Bascinet with side hinged visor
Steven J
Bascinet with side hinged visor

I ordered this helm with some changes. The face plate on mine has squarish holes for the eye slots. The production time of my helmet took twice the length advertised however, Steel Mastery did compensate me for my time by adding brass accents and an aventail as a bonus. The helmet and faceplate were heatreated. The only modification I had to do was to add a retaining strap for the faceplate.Their staff was very friendly to deal with and would write me back within one to two business days. I would recommend them. I am very happy with my bascinet. I have used once so far in SCA type point combat with blunt steel weapons and it held up fine.

Japanese kabuto with bar grill
Japanese kabuto with bar grill

It's not great. I have a unique privilege to have an armorer close enough to correct the mistakes made with this helmet. Writing this today because the review button was not here when I got it. No steel under the shikoro, flat bar grill makes it illegal to use and the nose makes it a torque threat to your neck. A tip to the armorers. Get in a helmet and fight for a bit. Then put one of these on and see what I'm talking about. Research and study how a kabuto were made and why. Hell look at other kabuto made for heavy fighting. Properly padded a helmet can be an inch from your face and never touch you. This was 6-7” away and 8 hat sizes too big when I sent it back to get fixed. It came back 4 hat sizes too big and I could fit an ax head under it. If you are not skilled in metal work, don't know how to weld, do not have an armorer or want your helmet functional when it arrives, this is not a helmet for you.

SCA and sport arm protection
Daniel C.
SCA and sport arm protection

Good quality, covers the arms very well. Due to the design of the armor, the inside of the arm is largely uncovered, however it is still a very good piece. It's comfortable to wear with padding underneath, and has good articulation. Furthermore, customer support was very helpful and polite, and answered every question I had. 5/5 from me, worth every cent.

German gothic full plate armor
German gothic full plate armor

I am very happy with this beautiful armor and completely satisfied with carfters' work. IT is heavy, yes. but fitting is perfect and i can move in it. Thanks to all team!