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Plate armor

Medieval plate armor has a great popularity in the modern world!  This section is for real men who are ready to transform instantly by purchasing our body plate armor to their liking. Plate armor of our website is suitable for historical re-enactors, people who are interested in participating in knightly tournaments, in SCA combats, LARP, and for those who are willing to buy plate armor for the interior.

About Plate armor

We offer you to purchase from us as medieval full plate armour, so separate parts of it:

1) Medieval full plate armor. Since prehistoric time people tried to protect their bodies from the blows of the enemy. On our site you rytgfern choose more recent versions of protection, which remind about the era of kings and knights, of great tournaments and crusades. And even if you do not imagine yourself as one of the Knights of the Round Table, it is always possible to use the armor for the medieval interior.

In subsection steel plate armor, you can see a variety of armors that were used in different eras. Examples of full plate armor are: the armor in Churburg style, steel English full plate armor, steel gothic full plate armor, as well as blued gothic full plate armour. All armors are handmade, are crafted ​​to individual customer’s size, taking into account all his wishes.

2) Helmets. Artfully manufacturing the metal, we offer a wide selection of helmets. In the primitive world such products were too expensive, that’s why for a long time they remained inaccessible to most warriors. Now, looking at modern helmets made of composite materials with built-in radio transmitters and receivers, it is difficult to imagine that they were completely out of paper. On our site you can buy from the most simple helmets, such as kettle hat, chapel-de-fer, and the most difficult, but also incredibly beautiful helmets and bascinets as "Sugarloaf helm", “Onion top bascinet with klappvisor”, «Hounskull», Japanese helmet Kobuto and helmets with a variety of visors. All the helmets are handmade by our craftsmen, considering the wishes of the customer.

3) Cuirasses, breastplates and gorgets. One of the major components of the old protective equipment that covers the torso of the person and is made ​​of metal or any other hard material is certainly cuirass. Chosen cuirass by you can serve both as an independent armor, and as a part of the set. And if cuirass serves to protect the body, the gorgets as part of ancient armor, designed to protect against swords and other bladed weapons. Our site has a wide selection of cuirasses, breastplates and gorgets in Italian, English, Churburg styles. There are also cuirasses with tassets, skirts (for thighs protection) as well as mobile w. At the request of the buyer they can be decorated.

4) Fingered and mitten gauntlets. I think all of you know that over time fashion returns. So it was like this with mitten gauntlets. In the early 16th century with the advent of armor with maximum reliability and protection, mitten gloves were practically driven out with mitten gauntlets. But not for short while. Already in this century, due to the proliferation of firearms, mitten gauntlets returned to the peak of popularity. No matter what you prefer, a sword or a pistol, you can always find the right protection for the hands on our website.
Fingered and mitten gauntlets on our site are dated 12-15 centuries. All items on our site are made after certain historical replicas. Can be made of ordinary or stainless steel. The customer chooses material of rivets, buckles, methods of finish treatment and decoration of the purchase among the options that are available for each product.

5) Cuisses, jambs, poleyns and sabatons. This section presents those parts of the armor, which protect the legs, namely the hips, knees, shins and feet. You can purchase from us both a full protection of the legs, such as German or English gothic legs protection and the protection of the individual parts. To protect the knee, we suggest you to buy knee cap with different types of rondels for better protection. To protect the shin, we offer you a wide range of greaves both full, and half greaves that protect only front side. And of course sabatons, that protects the feet. All the products can be decorated at wish of the customer.

6) Plate shoulders. Plate shoulder is a part of your armor, which, no matter how trivial it sounds, protects shoulder and neck. They are entirely made of metal, very rarely contain leather. It is also possible to apply additional coats of arms and other decorations. Plate shoulders on our site are dated from the 14-16 centuries. We produce shoulders and pauldrons in Italian, German, English styles. All products are hand-crafted, taking into account the needs and size of every customer. By the choice of the buyer they can be made of steel or stainless steel.

7) Bracers, couters and full arms. In this section we present such an important part of armor as arms protection. We suggest that you choose both full protection of arms from wrist to shoulder, and individual parts. In addition to full arms here you will find the protection of the forearm, such as «The boat» in the form of boat, as well as protection for the forearm with elbow caps and round rondels. It is also possible to purchase elbow protection separately from mild steel or stainless steel, with or without chasing.

8) Shields. Shields helped the soldiers to repel the attacks of cold and small arms. And if coming back with a shield from the battlefield was an honorable fame for each warrior, the returning over it defeated bore only full extent of loss for his close people. We offer a variety of shapes, colors and devices, whether the shields are light, heavy, round, oval, rectangular, large or small. On our site you will find steel and wooden shields, gladiator shield, hoplite shield, and small fists shields (bucklers) and much more. At the request of the customer decorative painting can be done.

9) Plate armour maintenance. If it’s necessary to repair any part of the armor, we offer you to buy steel or brass rivets.

Review about items

  • Nasal helm
    Nasal helm

    Jason Birk

    I purchased mine three years ago. And, I could not be more happy with it. I have used it in countless combats and it has always protected me. It is dented and beaten no. But that makes it all the more realistic. Buy one. You will love it.

  • Set of leather armour in style of Jon Snow
    Set of leather armour in style of Jon Snow

    Antoine Tison

    Beautiful work ! fit perfectly to me and awesome details ! Recommended !

  • Kite shield with painting
    Kite shield with painting


    This shield is better than I could have hoped for. Excellent and well made design with beautiful decoration. Feels strong in your hand and is made from solid materials. It looks great in the pictures, but it looks even better in person. The decorative shield paint is very well executed. Everything about this shield has a nice look and feel to it. This shield would fit right in on the battlefields of medieval history .

  • Full-plate Gothic armor, XV century
    Full-plate Gothic armor, XV century

    Lee Caplan

    It is my first experience in buying armor online and I’m more than happy)) Best quality I have ever seen and seizes are as they must be. Real custom armoury. Thanks for your help with measure instruction and for sure I’ll recommend you to all my friends and teammates!!

  • Brigandine kit - 1
    Brigandine kit - 1

    Kaleb Lee

    My first time ordering from Steel-mastery honestly I was very surprised. They are fast and nice, spoke to manager and the owner about brigandine. Had some questions). A lot of questions)) Great deliver and excellent quality.

  • Armour of the XIV century in Churburg style
    Armour of the XIV century in Churburg style

    Jack Boys

    Everything went perfectly. Items that I ordered were received in a perfect condition.

  • Fencing helmet
    Fencing helmet

    Wolfgang Kirchdorfer

    This tailor made helmet has comfortable weight, guarantees good vision and air circulation. Easy to fix both gridles. The padded inlay fits perfectly. The helmet won't move sideways even with open chin gridle. Also one doesn't need an extra hair cap. Prize is more than reasonable. The process of order and payment was easy online. Every step was documented and shared, often via photoes. If necessesary, clarification of details preferred or the bill was made prior executing next steps. My wishes have been met fully. The order arrived safe and undamaged due to smart wrapping. Codes provided made delivery tracking online easy. Overall I was not only a customer but found myself in every step in the best hands. FIVE STARS!

  •  Kettle hat (Kettle helm)  with high top point
    Kettle hat (Kettle helm) with high top point

    Viktor Bulanienkov

    Great helmet!!! Steel-Mastery you are the best.