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Padded pelerines and aventails

About Padded pelerines and aventails

Padded pelerines and aventails

Review about items

  • Padded collar
    Padded collar


    The product exceeded expectations. The workmanship is excellent and I'm happy with the item. The process from initial order to delivery has been easy and well communicated. Thanks SM.com

  • Torse - medieval heraldy headband
    Torse - medieval heraldy headband

    Larry McLean

    I was very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the torse I received. They were very professional are careful in their communications to ensure that it was made exactly right. Could not be more pleased.

  • The torse
    The torse


    Got this to match some padding to go over my bascinet, the material feels really nice and the colours are perfect. I kind of wish they had options for more customisation like patterned fabric or maybe some cloth falling down at the back as well but I knew it didn't have these, but I wanted a more simple design. Maybe in the future I can get something more complex for a different part.