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Leather armor

Leather armor was made of several layers of leather. Material for historical leather armor was taken as hard and thick as possible - preferably from a buffalo or a camel, and the cow also met. Then, it was boiled in oil to get additional hardness.

About Leather armor

The best samples of multi-layer leather armor were not so strong as metal, but they weighed more and period of use was small. Skin quickly banned and wiped out. But leather armor also had a positive sides, because of its viscosity leather armor was a good protection  against arrows. The alternation in the armor of the boiled leather and rawhide gave very good protection against arrows, chopping and stabbing hits.

The weight of leather armor varies from a few kg to twenty or even thirty killograms. For all its merits, the leather armor did not protect at all from the impact-crushing action weapons, and could also be destroyed by several strong hits of a cutting weapon, for example, a two-handed sword. For some time, leather armor continued to be used as part of the armor or as an under armor, sometimes leather chausses were worn as an additional leg protection in the absence of chainmail armor.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of places to buy real leather armor, but only Steel Mastery has historically true leather armor patterns and real crafters who like and love their job.

We make modern and functional leather armor. Our leather armor could be used in larp, fantasy and light battles or combats.

Look at this wonderfull leather armor:

Leather armor could be devided on such zones or leather armor pieces:

Leather armor leather body armor

leather armor leather helmet armor

Leather armor leather gauntlets

Leather armor leather leg armor

Types of leather armor that we can produce for you:

  1. roman leather armor
  2. fantasy leather armor
  3. real leather armor
  4. renaissance leather armor
  5. modern leather armor
  6. medieval leather armour
  7. battle ready leather armor
  8. female leather armor patterns
  9. authentic leather armor
  10. custom leather armor

To make your leather gambeson or any type of leather armor, just choose your favourite leather color. 

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Review about items

Leather lamellar armor
Leather lamellar armor

I got order today and satisfied 100%! My compliments to crafters for very beautiful qork. Armour fits perfect, it is light and all movements are comfortable. Thanks!

Leather lamellar armor
Leather lamellar armor

I ordered this armor in the same colour and it looks even better than on photos! I love it! VEry comfortable and fits perfect. Sales communication is also on point. Completely satisfied!

Leather lamellar armor
Leather lamellar armor

A very Nice Armor i love it it fits Perfect and its light and robust.

O Yoroi - Japanese samurai leather warrior armor
O Yoroi - Japanese samurai leather warrior armor

Beautiful armor, I am very happy with it. Laces are strong; movements are free, general look of armor is awesome. Thank you very much!