Padded armor

You've come to the section of padded armour - the most important elements for each customer who wears armour.  Wide range of our padded armour will undoubtedly please everyone, as Steel Mastery gives you the most interesting models of different ages. In this section you will find such types of padded protection as Padded liners and caps, Gambesons, Padded pelerines and aventails, Padded gauntlets and gloves, Padded chausses.

About Padded armor

1) Padded liners and caps.
You have already purchased a helmet, but have not bought for it a liner yet? You are on the right track, because we offer liners for all types of helmets:

  • bascinet
  • barbute
  • sallet
  • Norman
  • Phrygian
  • Morion
  • Conic
  • chapel
  • "sugar loaf" helmet

Also here you will find liner for a Great Helm, it also could be worn under the Pot Helm and Kettle Hat. You can wear mail hood over this padded set. This Great Helm liner is a full set of 4 pieces: - Padded pelerine with front leather fastenings - padded hood - cap - and padded ring.

These models are not designed for the separate wearing on head. They require the installation in the helmet with rivets or sewing. All our liners are made of 100% natural materials. Their convenient, simple, historically correct design provides safety and excellent buffing for bugurt, tournament fights and workouts. Ordering a liner, you can choose material and color of the product.

2) Gambesons.
Probably no buyer can overpass this section of padded armour, where there is an incredibly wide range of gambesons, aketons, pourpoints, doublets, jacques (jacks) and much more.

Padded products we offer are completely focused on customer’s requests. For tailoring of the submitted models we use only natural materials. This provides not only sufficient level of protection, but also appropriate level of comfort. Options and used materials will satisfy both supporters of historical authority, and participants of SCA events, taking into account the practicality and convenience. The proposed site models take into account the various specifics of our medieval armour. At the wish of the customer it can be machine or hand sewing.

It is possible to select the number of layers of padding (from 2 to 6) to create the padded armour of desired thickness.

3) Padded pelerines and aventails.
Medieval helmet was never used separately. There was always extra mail or cloth protection with it for head, face, neck and shoulders. The helmet was often combined with aventail. This element of the armour is an addition to the bascinet or barbute types of helmet.

Sufficient protection of the warrior in the battle was reached combining elements of armour. Each of them performed its function, complementing the others. Some armour protected from direct penetration of the enemy's weapons in the body. Others served to absorb the impact or for additional reinforcement. These elements include the pelerine, which was used as an addition to the helmet, gambeson or brigandine, and strengthened the protection of the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades and chest. We should not forget about these things selecting of armour. This is not only historically, but also functionally.

During the dramatizations of battles exactly head, shoulders and chest take the most blows. Such padded armour is made of natural materials - linen and cotton. They are fastened with leather straps the on the front. The customer can choose the color of the fabric for sewing pelerines. More than a dozen different colors and shades are available.

4) Padded gauntlets and gloves.
Here we suggest you familiarize yourself with not less important elements of the padded equipment – gauntlets and gloves. Gloves can be two-finger and three-finger. These padded gauntlets give a good protection for hands during swordcraft training or fencing.

5) Padded chausses.
During the training sessions and fights feet are at risk without good protection. In order to avoid injury during fights, we suggest that you buy on our Steel Mastery website padded thigh protection and padded chausses.

If you are not sure, how to define your size, please have a look at this table.