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HEMA style gambeson




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(18 reviews)

HEMA style gambeson

natural (uncolored)
Men's size/price:
XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
Default options
  • Fabric cotton
  • Lining fabric cotton
  • Layers of padding 1 layer
  • Attaching of the sleeves standard
  • Fastenings leather laces
  • Color of leather fastening black
  • Fastenings for steel arms absent
  • Two-color design one colour
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Custom made

This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture. Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.

Additional back protection
Contrast quilting and edge
Paint Stamping
Men's size/price
Lining fabric
Layers of padding
Attaching of the sleeves
Color of leather fastening
Fastenings for steel arms
Two-color design


HEMA style gambeson is a type of modern gambeson designed especially for fighters, who take part in Historical European martial arts.

You give us your specific measures and wishes - we make you a completely custom gambeson that will bring you joy and comfort for a long time! 

This long gambeson has some feature of its medieval ancestors, for example, natural fabrics, wadding, stitching (for example – diamond stitching), and lacing for fastening. But, cut of this padded gambeson is adapted for HEMA standards.

Base price includes following options:

  1. 1-2 layers of padding (natural sheet wadding 50% cotton, 50% wool);
  2. Natural (uncoloured) cotton for outer and inner shell;
  3. Standard sleeves’ attaching (closed armpit);
  4. XS-size;
  5. Black leather straps;
  6. Straight bottom edge;
  7. No fastenings for steel arms.
  8. Paint stamping – no

Additional options allow you creating of unique model of padded gambeson coat. We offer linen, wool or firm leather for your gambeson armour. Among our customers, black, green or blue colors are the most popular. However, such colors as wine-red and even white are available for order. If you choose half-coloured or quarter-coloured gambeson, please inform us by e-mail, what colours you prefer and its exact disposition.

Quantity of padding layer depends on the main armour. If you plan to wear HEMA gambeson under the chain mail, so 5-6 layers will be fine. If there will be usual plate armour or brigandine, so 2-3 layers of natural wadding for this quilted gambeson is enough.

We offer great choice of fastenings and festoons for decoration of your gambeson jacket.

If you plan to use plate arms or spaulders over your gambeson, we recommend you to order leather fastenings for steel arms in black, red or brown leather.

There are two layers of padding in sleeves by default. If you want to change it, please contact us [email protected]. Option “Laced sleeves” allows you transforming this padded armor into sleeveless gambeson.

Main photo shows gambeson with following options:

  • Color – royal blue
  • Fabric – cotton
  • Layers of padding – 3;
  • Color design – one color
  • Egde with contrast color – yes, white color 
  • Standard sleeves’ attachment
  • M-size;
  • Fastenings – brown leather straps with steel nickel-plated buckles;
  • Straight bottom edge;
  • Fastenings for steel arms – 4 pieces.
  • Paint stamping – no

Benefits, which you’ll get, if you buy gambeson at Steel Mastery:

  1. Custom-made high-quality padded underarmor, made of natural fabrics by your individual parameters;
  2. Reliability and comfortable wearing for years;
  3. Product made by experienced tailors, who really know how to make a good armor;
  4. Convenient payment systems (Paypal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, American Express);
  5. Flexible return system in case if you don’t like an item.

Check out these models of long gambesons: Eastern gambeson, long gambeson of the XI-XV centuries.

We offer to complete your body protection with padded chausses, arming cap and quilted mittens.

In section “Gambeson”, you can see all models that we offer for ordering. If you did not find any for your taste and wish, please send us photo and description of the required model and we will make it for you.

In this article, we're telling how to choose a gambeson.

Made-to-measure gambison may be sewn by two ways:

  • Machine manufacturing. Tailors will make padded armor by your parameters, using sewing machine.
  • Hand sewing. Custom gambeson will be completely sewn by hands of our tailors. Such type of manufacture is historical one and is offered for additional costs.

And….some story! 

HEMA style gambeson


Gentlemen prefer leather laces

First of all, have a look at HEMA gambeson in front of you. Do you know, what makes it as it is? That nice overlap of flaps on the chest part. Firstly, there is always additional protection of body. As even if two layered gambeson was ordered, you will get four layers of protection on the chest. Secondly, there is a severe conformity to HEMA standards. We will talk more specifically about it.

In case, two honorable gentlemen have a modicum of free time, desire to warm-up and specific knowledges about Historical European martial arts, so why would two honorable gentlemen and their comrades, having discussed about martial arts a little bit, not to rough up each other with bats. Without evil intent, but as a part of historical experiment only. 

That’s how a soldier, writer, swordsman and true gentlemen Alfred Hutton were considering in the 1862 year, when he organized his own Cameron Fencing Club and published 12-page manual for historical fencing “Swordsmanship”. HEMA enthusiast existed before Mr. Hutton, however we owe just to him modern golden age of this sport historical movement.

And, in order to have still gentleman look after such experiment, but not be like lower class, covered with grazes and bruising, these gentlemen will require such a little as padded gambeson.

It is worth to notice that primarily HEMA gambeson was not aimed for reconstruction of historical protecting clothing. It had being designed just as functional protecting clothing, which was providing proper protection of blows of dull steel sword. Gentlemen have chosen gambeson armor in particular instead of common fencing protection, because it proved successful during the centuries.

However, modern padded jacks shifted away from the forefathers so much that now have even zip fasteners. Think it over! Zip fasteners! I just choke with a piece of pudding! No, no, and no! So what if zipper is much faster and easier in use, than strings. We suggest such choice non-gentleman, criticize it in every way and insist on the using of leather strings in particular. That allows your HEMA style being HEMA jacket and classy medieval gambeson at the same time, in which it is not a shame for any gentleman to take a walk at the presentable event among other ladies and gentlemen in historical clothing.

Our tailors were working hard, studying HEMA manuscripts, ancient tapestries and gravures, and created really cross-functional aketon armor. The one, which allows not only fencing, but also making wonders of acrobatics. It looks decent, but may complete even royal armor at the highest level. It is cut according to the HEMA rules, but definitely unique. Classy pass to the courteous community ;) 

When you will be ordering your gambison, you may choose not only fabric and color (or color combination, as we offer half or quarter-colored padded protection as well), leather, type of stitching and size. It is up to you what quantity of layers will be in your padded gambeson, whether it will be sewn or laced sleeves, or will they be absent at all.

You will get real custom gambeson, made only for you, which will serve you for years, protecting good and delighting an eye.


If you don’t like the received product for any reason, you may send it back to us within 14 days. If the received item has defects or does not fit your parameters, we will make a new item and send it to you at our costs. If postal service lost your parcel, we make a search of it. If parcel could not be found, we make new item at our expenses.


We ship orders via National Postal Service, who carries order to your local post office. Upon shipping, we provide you with tracking number of parcel. If you need express delivery (DHL, TNT, etc.), please contact us.


Every product is handcrafted and requires time for manufacture. Approximate time:

  • Gambeson and padded armor – 8-9 weeks;
  • Costumes and other clothing – 4-6 weeks;
  • Brigandines – 3-4 months;
  • Leather accessories 2-4 weeks;
  • Metal armor – 2-5 months.

Please contact us if you would like to know more precise terms.

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I am very happy with this wonderful piece of work. It fits perfectly. great quality and a really friendly contact. I can recommend Steel Mastery! Thank u very much.
Timothy Moore
If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Far and away the best gambeson I have ever owned. Quality of materials and craftsmanship are unimpeachable. They were willing to work with me every step of the way and were super through. I would recommend steel mastery to everyone. They are hands down the absolute best.
This gambeson fits very well, looks great, and is very unique with a good number of customization options. I got mine with dark blue cotton outer fabric with two padding layers and personally requested HEMA fabric as the lining fabric. The overlapping folds at the front of the gambeson provide a surprising amount of padding to hits on the ribs and chest. With a chest protector and a gorget to cover the gap at the neck, it's more than sufficient for light to medium intensity sparring. If you plan on using this for heavy/steel or tournament HEMA sparring, it will probably work but some tournament safety standards may not accept it. It's not 800N like other HEMA clothing, but I unprofessionally tested whether the fabric could be pierced with the point of a dull smallsword and it seems to work! You'll probably be safe wearing this, but do take my test with a grain of salt. It can be a bit hot to fight in, but overall it's a good gambeson and a great job by Steel Mastery! :)
Even in corona lockdown-times (with slightly increased delivery time) the result is very nice! Heavy quality of fabrics, sturdy leatherwork. Communication is fast and genuine. Fits like a glove! Would recommend Steel Mastery to everyone!
Steel Mastery does really bang up work! The gambeson itself really is a proper hand tailored garment. I opted for linen inside and out, with leather buckles. The linen is light enough that I can wear it in warmer climes (being from a desert) being quite warm but avoiding heat stroke. The leather appointments are supple and well worked and allow for a great deal of various fits. I find that two layers provides comfortable protection against wooden weapons (SCA, Practice Sparing, etc) and adding the open under arms really allows a great deal of freedom of movement without really any noticable restriction in movement. Finally, their customer service is top notch. I asked for updates on my gambeson and had several questions that Steel Mastery's customer support handled promptly and professionally, generally never more than a 24 hour delay from when I asked it. Really a great purchase from great people.
Erik Kullander
The Gambeson i ordered on Gotland during the Medievil Week is exactly as i wanted it in both the fit and color, Its allowes movement as i wanted and makes me look dashing at the same time. Thank you so very much
Jeff Hamilton
The gambeson that I order is top notch quality and fits like a glove. They did absolutely fantastic work and I'm extremely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be ordering from them again.
Fits me perfectly and seems very authentic. Materials are a very good quality and worth the money. Ive purchased cheaper gambesons from other sites and were very uncomfortable and restrictive. Not the case with this one. Amazing work.
...I remember designing that thing. xD Was a custom job done for me, nice to see that other people enjoy it too! Excellent work btw. Only thing that could be improved is shoulder mobility.
Very good work! Straps are hard, fitting is perfect. I am really satisfied with this gambeson.
I just received it and I love it! Thank you very much!!
We received the order and are happy with the results. The gambesons are a little bit on the big side but no problem. We are verry satisfied with the results.
It's easy to wear, it fits my torso, it's easy to move, and its design is simply great! It is said that it is a wonderful gambeson! Thanks a lot!
Laurian Wolter
The fit is very nice, it feels very comfortable and it looks really great (i chose a cotton outside in royal blue and a linen lining). I got the standard fully attached sleeves which might be not ideal if you intend to use it for serious HEMA practice since arm movement above the shoulders is a bit restricted and pulls up the whole gambeson a bit. From what i read in the comments though the other versions do not have this issue so this just in this particular case. I also chose the simple leather lacings as fastenings and find while the leather feels a bit soft an stretchy they hold up ok and shouldn't be dificult to replace if the ever do wear out. Overall i'm very satisfied with the craftsmanship especially for the price, as well as the customer support.
Perfect workmanship and nice quality of fabrics. Gambison is very comfortable, love it pretty much. Thanks guys!
I got this gambeson specifically for HEMA trainings and satisfied 100%. It looked so good on the picture and when i got it i was even more excited, cause its fit is perfect (guys made it for measures of my body) and i feel super comfy when wearing it. My gambeson has laced sleeves, so it may be turned into sleeveless jacket. Two goods by price of one ;-) Client support is also very nice and on point. Thank you, Steel Mastery!
Gambeson is light (I have it two layered) and comfy. Congrtas to designers and tailors - it was a good idea to make lacing from the inside, too. So you may easily make fitting a bit looser or tighter. The best custom-made good I ever had. This HEMA gambeson defnintely deserves all stars, not only 5:) Highly recommended!
Kevin Rumpler
I ordered the Gamebson in "royal blue", the color turned out very nice. The unusual position of the laces is a real eye-catcher. The Gambeson fits perfectly, works just fine in combat. I chose the 3-layer variant with holes at the armpits, it offers enough protection on it´s own for light to medium sparring, only encountered minor obstruction at the high longsword guards. I ordered the arms a bit longer than I would for normal clothing in order to ensure some proper overlay between the armor and my sparring gloves. A very fine piece of craftmanship, the only small issue I encountered was that one of the brass lace points got loose the first time I tried it on. Just crimped it on again and it held up perfectly since then. The other ones were properly fitted. The delivery was quite fast considering it´s a made-to-measure piece. I would definitely buy it again, that´s a full recommendation from my side.
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