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  • Medieval hood with long tail Medieval hood with long tail Medieval hood with long tail Medieval hood with long tail
    Medieval hood with long tail

Medieval hood with long tail

Medieval hood with l... MHW-31
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Medieval hood with long tail

If they hunt for that rebellious and unruly head of yours

To make your neck at the gallows even thinner than it was.

You can find yourself a shelter in the woods; you won’t regret!

It is definitely better than the whip you always get!

If you order cotton hood, you will get it with cotton lining, if linen – with linen lining. If woolen – also with linen lining. 

Right here in Sherwood Forest, in the heart of the old oak-wood, where only wild beasts and free spirits wander around, there, a forest shooter in simple and hardwearing clothing, light leather armor and medieval hood with long tail is sitting by the crackling fire on the sheared tree. He is a fashionista, though he sits in the depths of the forest. Such Middle Ages hood just barely came in fashion – wide and deep hood, long and wide pelerine and ling-long tail. But, all in all, Robin from Locksley is not a common peasant, so he is definitely able to afford medieval nobleman costume.

Surely, there are only our suggestions, but it might be the true, as hoods gained popularity in all medieval social classes, though mostly rich people were choosing such long tails.

This simple, but perfectly comfortable medieval headwear was steadily hold on the people’s head for few centuries with a good reason. It appeared before the Common Era and in the Middle Ages it took a shape of model, which our hero wears. Later on, inexpensive hood, which was worn by all classes, transformed into high-status headwear of the rich and noble people, and it was in use until the XVI century. However, while the grand people worn expensive chaperon of the difficult cut and design, peasants and citizens kept wearing simple hood. As there was a headwear and a scarf that cannot be lost, and which was adding presentability even to the most sober garment. If pelerine of the hood was long enough, it could even replace a short cloak

This headwear is a choice of those who need authentic medieval clothing, which will be also comfortable and hardwearing. Because:

They’re sleeping barely covered, underneath the rustling trees.

By the cold they aren’t bothered, glad to be alive and free! ©

But, why? Because if your medieval male clothing is completed with medieval hood with long tail, so your head and throat will be always in the warmth, so you will not catch a cold, even if sleep on the ground.

By the way, hood is reversible, so you get two hood for the price of one. Besides, original woolen hood may be sewn of other fabric in different colors by your wish. Length of tail and pelerine, figured festoons on the edge are additionally customized. 

Custom made

This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture.
Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.



natural (uncolored)




royal blue


wine red

dark green

dark blue

royal purple



DO-IT-YOURSELF SET; write us for pricing

DO-IT-YOURSELF SET; write us for pricing

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wool, 85-1...

wool, 85-100%

wool, 85-100%



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  • Kryton Gackle


    Fantastic in nearly every way. I recommend to anyone looking for that 'look' or style.

Medieval hood with long tail




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