Calze traforate imbottite e ventagli

Riguardo Calze traforate imbottite e ventagli

Welcome to section “Padded pelerines and aventails”! Here you can see different models of padded accessories.

All items from this section are tailoring according to the medieval paintings. Every model is handmade by customer’s individual measurements.

To order the wished item in few clicks, you need to:

  1. Open a page of model, which you need;
  2. Choose required colour and fabric (for example, black cotton or brown linen).

Once all options are chosen, add item to cart and make a payment. Then our manager will contact you with measurement request and specification of order’s details.

If any difficulties with choosing arose or you didn’t find required padded accessory in this section, we can make it individually for you. Just send picture with detailed description to [email protected], so we could quote you and discuss details of order.

Starting the XII century, every warrior used firm underarmour of leather of thick fabric together with main armour. Quilted pelerines and collars were used for more comfortable wearing of helmet and for better cuirass or chain mail’ weight surfacing. These padded accessories enforced protection of such vital parts, as upper chest, shoulders, neck and had few functions.

First of all, they prevented direct contact of knight’s skin with metal and were saving neck and shoulders from chafing. As knights were wearing heavy armour for few hours, and it was hard, especially in the heat.

Padded pelerines allowed more comfortable feeling, were absorbing sweat (and blood sometimes) and improving warrior’s hardiness in combat conditions.

The second function of pelerine was equally important. Thick few-layered quilted cloth was a perfect buffer. It cushioned slashing blows, which were being laid on the neck and upper body part. In other case, knight faced multiple injuries and fractures, as sword’ or spike’s blows were rather powerful. Usually, collar of pelerine fit the neck and could reach back of the head. Together with helmet and mail aventail, such pelerine provided with reliable protection during contact fight.

From the front, pelerine was fastened with strings or leather belts with metal buckles. Collar was high enough not to hinder neck’s movements, but protected chin good at the same time.

Along with cotton or wool pelerine, European knights were using padded aventail. It was made of cloth or crafted leather with horsehair or sheep wool between the layers of material. Such aventail was used with helmets bascinet or barbute.

Small padded collars were also in use. They were stuffed with wool or oakum between outer and inner layers of fabric. Such collars kept shape and didn’t press throat.

This padded neckpiece were weakenning crushing blows, that’s why it was so widespread in the medieval Europe. There were episodes, when arrow pierced rings of mail aventail, but stucked in the padded insert, which were covering warrior’s neck.

We strictly recommend not to ignore such type of padded underarmour, when you plan to practise medieval fencing!


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