Do It Yourself (DIY) Ready sets for self making

Riguardo Do It Yourself (DIY) Ready sets for self making

Ready to try new and unknown?

Ready to feel like a real person of the Middle Ages?

Ready for an adventure? 

We got an amazing quest for you - a brigandine with your own hands! 

The action plan is follows:

  • Choose a model of brigandine from those presented on steel-mastery.com
  • Send us a letter with your sizes and wishes: color and material of the cover, metal type and thickness, type and metal of rivets, leather belts color, metal and type of buckles, shape of hem ... all the details
  • We send you the coolest thing to do – brigandine making set: kit of ready-made plates with holes, set of rivets, leather straps, cover and base cut out along your sizes, special needle, threads and step-by-step instruction! 

All you need: free time, two hands and a hammer! Feel yourself a brutal medieval gunsmith, make a brigandine by your hands and do not get bored. 

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