About Us

We greet you in our medieval shop!

Steel Mastery was established in the 2001 year. Since then, we have made the thousands pieces of armour, medieval dresses and costumes, cast and leather accessories for fans of history all over the world!

Wa are based in Ukraine, Kyiv.

Our artisans are experienced tailors, blacksmiths and leathercrafters. Most of them are members of reenactment clubs and permanent participators of historical events. So, they do know firsthand what is a good protecting armor and historically authentic dress and how to make it perfectly.

We do what we love and we really love what we do!

Our mastery of medieval crafts has four workshop.

  1. Do you need reliable full metal, chainmail or brigandine armour? Our experienced blacksmiths will create it for you! In forge shop, we use cold-rolled steel, stainless and hardened steel or light and firm titanium of thicknesses 1.0 mm, 1,5 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm for creating of custom armour. Armor for any part of your body is available for customization and order. As well as a plate body protection, we also make brigandine (plates) armor of various design. By choosing the wished options, you may become an owner of one-of-a-kind beautiful and robust outfit.

Here you may see few shots from the manufcature process in our mastery and ready goods:)

  1. Do you plan to take part in medieval event or masquerade? Our dressmakers will create flawless Renaissance or Burgundian costume, early medieval dress, Eastern men’s outfit or Viking clothing for you. Great choice of fabrics of all shades and colors are natural and top-quality. Patterns for our medieval clothing correspond to historical analogues. We use individual parameters of customer for sewing, so be sure, that your new dress will be only the most outstanding at your event, but also fit you as a glove!

  1. Looking for a padded underarmour? In our tailor shop, we are ready to make durable gambeson, aketon, quilted jack, padded chausses or pelerine of natural materials. All underarmour is stuffed with natural sheet wadding (50% cotton and 50% wool), so you will feel comfortable in such equipment. Depending on the armor, which you plan to wear over your padded protection, quilted goods may be made with two, three, four or more layers of padding with different types of stitching. Durability of gambesons by Steel Master has been confirmed by the hundreds customers from across the world!

  1. Are you dreaming about fantasy-style leather armour or unique handmade accessory? We have a good news then! :) In our leather workshop, we will be happy to craft amazing piece of armour, leather bag or belt for you! Marvelous natural Italian high-quality leather of different colours is used for manufacture. Every stitch is made by hands of our leathercrafters so that you could get a perfect thing!

Of course, we are always open for new ideas! So, if you are dreaming about some unusual armor/costume which is not presented at our site, then send us a pattern and Steel Mastery team will be happy to make your wishes comes true!