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You know, kicking people's butts with round-edged boots is good, but with pointy shoes, it's even better.

Pauline Marois

Shoes in Middle ages were a clear status symbol and an important element of life along with clothing. Material, model, and tailoring quality of shoes could tell about its owner even more than clothing regardless of whether it’s casual renaissance shoes or medieval foot armor.

Medieval foot armor

Foot armor section contains our handcrafted sabatons collection. These medieval armor boots appeared at the beginning of XIV century and were a copy of fashionable at that time poulaine. Sabatons were made of metal strips riveted together, which usually covered only upper part of the foot. 

Historically, these boots were a part of cavalry armor considering they are not that comfortable to walk in. However, if you’re riding a horse – such medieval foot protection deserves the highest possible praise. On the other hand, in case you really need foot armour, but your stables are empty, our blacksmiths developed a stylish sabatons armor model that is adapted for fighting on feet - sabatons for modern fencing.

By the way, some historians don’t consider pointy versions of medieval pointed boots as sabatons but distinguish them as a separate kind – solleret. They copied civil shoe fashion so much that official restrictions on toe-cap’s length had to be made in France.

Nonetheless, we are ready to sell you extremely beautiful, extremely long-nosed, and extremely functional gothic sabatons without demanding any patent of nobility.

Anyway, when fashion for long-nosed shoes fell into oblivion, fashion for long-nosed sabatons followed the same track. Until the end of XVI century, the “bear paw” shoes type was everywhere. These are sabatons with wide nonpointed nose that needn’t be unfastened while dismounting and those are easy to walk in. Sabatons’ noses were occasionally more or less rounded, however, never pointed anymore. You can read other amusive stories about the harsh life of these battle boots in Sabatons section.

Medieval footwear

I would be happy naked as long as I'm wearing fabulous shoes.

Anna Dello Russo

But then, not only you need battle shoes, but also quality medieval boots, no matter which ones – royal, noble, citizens or peasant. It’s certainly the right place to choose: from luxury hunting and shooting medieval Hessian boots that fit for a king to home-style cozy Viking shoes Haithabu.

For the fair ladies, Steel Mastery has elegant handmade London-style poulaine – a must-have for a XIV century fashionista - and loads of other authentic and comfortable shoes to choose from.

Our artisans have over 15 years of experience in producing medieval times foot armor and medieval ages shoes. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you choose brutal steel sabatons or exquisite ladies poulaine, you definitely receive extra quality product that entirely matches your measurements and desires.

In case you have any doubts, our manual on How to take measurements for sabatons is at your service. Moreover, Steel Mastery’s craftsmen are always ready to rework the product that doesn’t fit with respect to all your wishes. In order to have that, you just need to return your order at your cost.

You want absolutely exceptional custom shoes but haven’t found it on our website? Contact us via [email protected], send us photos/pictures and your wishes – we’ll provide you the model as soon as possible.

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Sabatons 1350-1450 years
Sabatons 1350-1450 years


Poulaine medieval style boots, black
Marion Berz
Poulaine medieval style boots, black

Boots sind wirklich super, sehr gut verarbeitet. Oberleder ist weich und drückt nicht. Versand ist ca. 6 Wochen. Zollgebühren 22,60 Euro plus 18,76 Euro Versandkosten. Gesamtkosten: 126,36 Ich habe Schuhgröße 38, habe mir aber die Stiefel in 39 bestellt, weil ich Angst hatte, dass sie zu eng sind und eine Rücksendung u. Neubestellung hätte dann auch wieder gedauert. Mit Gelsohlen und Stricksocken passen sie. Also ich denke, dass man hier die Schuhgröße bestellen kann, die man auch tatsächlich hat. Ich hoffe, ich konnte Euch bei der Entscheidung helfen. Falls die Schuhe nicht in Eurer Größe da sind, schreibt eine Email und fragt nach, so habe ich es auch gemacht. Ich habe die Stiefel in schwarz genommen und sie sind echt sehr schön. Schade, dass man die nicht im Alltag tragen kann. Wünsche Euch viel Spaß mit diesen Schuhen und bleibt gesund. Liebe Grüße von Marion aus Deutschland

Medieval women s stockings XII-XV century
Medieval women s stockings XII-XV century

Wonderful stockings for a perfect authentic medieval outfit. I am completely satisfied - perfect fitting and a wonderful fine linen fabric!