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Medieval body armor

ARMOR, n. The kind of clothing worn by a man whose tailor is a blacksmith

Ambrose Bierce

In the Medieval Ages, it was necessary to have reliable body armor as well as soft comfortable clothing. We definitely have everything to protect and dress your body.

Medieval clothing

You can never be overdressed or overeducated

Oscar Wilde

We are not here to argue with that. On the contrary, we are always happy to help with «You can never be overdressed» part. Our craft artists are real professionals in sewing medieval historical clothes, that’s why Steel Mastery is ready to dress you from tip to toe.

Steel Mastery’s blacksmiths, leather crafters, and tailors are working for over 15 years to create fabulous armoury and clothing. Moreover, they are working for you. Join the joyful group of our clients – you’ll never regret it. In addition, our loyal customers know one small trick – they always use our How to take measurements for cuirasses and brigandines manual so that product they order always fits them perfectly. In case you’ve received an order and item doesn’t fit you for any reason, you can return it at your own cost. We will produce the new one according to your wishes and corrections. We are working for you! 

If you haven’t found a desirable model you would like to order – just tell us about it via email [email protected]. We will develop and create a new one specially for you according to your photos, pictures, and wishes.

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Riguardo gli articoli nelle pubblicazioni

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Woolen cloak with hood
Woolen cloak with hood

The Robe looks absolutely nice and fits perfectly. The Quality is flawless and its a nice cloth. The Support is also very Kind. :D

Long Knight gambeson of the XI-XV centuries
Long Knight gambeson of the XI-XV centuries

Der Gambi passt perfekt und ist schön lang. Für den Schaukampf oder unter einem Kettenhemd reichen 2 Lagen. Das Emblem wurde sehr schön gestickt. Einfach eine tolle Arbeit! Mit dem Service war ich mehr als zufrieden. Anastasiia ist die beste ;)

Shadiversity LARP brigandine armor set (EVA Foam)
Shadiversity LARP brigandine armor set (EVA Foam)

Ordering was very easy, shipment was fast and the armor looks amazing.

Medieval short Gambeson
Jakob Heinesen
Medieval short Gambeson

I love the gambeson. It is great to wear, easy to put on and take off and comes with extra parts for replacing broken straps. Delivery was fast (2 weeks-ish) considering the situation in Ukraine.