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Mongolian (Asian) warrior armor: 11 - 17 century




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(5 reviews)

Mongolian (Asian) warrior armor: 11 - 17 century

Size ( waist circumference):
XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
Default options
  • Two-color design one colour
  • Shell fabric for brigandine  wool, 85-100%
  • Material of metal plates  cold-rolled steel - 1.0 mm (18 ga)
  • Fastenings leather straps with steel nickel-plated buckles
  • Color of leather fastening black
  • Rivets finding rivets
  • Design of the bottom edge standard
  • Manufacturing time standard manufacturing time 4 months
  • Fast Shipping  Absent
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Custom made

This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture. Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.

Two-color design
Shell fabric for brigandine
Material of metal plates
Color of leather fastening
Size ( waist circumference)
Personal emblem
Design of the bottom edge
Manufacturing time
Fast Shipping


Khatangu-degel armour is the Asian version of the plate armor - brigandine. Such plates’ armor was very popular among the Tatar-Mongolian and Russian warriors in the XIII-XIV centuries.

Qianlong ceremonial armor

Models of this body protection could vary, but all of them had similar features, such as metal plates, riveted over or under thick fabric base. Khatangu could have additional protection, like spaulders or tasses. Design allowed comfortable moving as to dismounted warriors, so to horsemen. 

Made-to-measure brigandine is completely handcrafted. You give us your specific measures and wishes - we make you a completely custom brigandine that will bring you joy and comfort for a long time! 

This medieval suit of armor includes several parts:

  1. Mid-thigh length jacket with leather belts for fastening on the sides;
  2. Two-part skirt for thigh protection. It is attached to the jacket with leather belts;
  3. Spaulders with collar. Spaulders has leather belts for attaching to the body part;
  4. Crotch piece.

You can use this brigantine armour for:

  • SCA
  • HEMA
  • Larp
  • Stage performances
  • Medieval festivals
  • Reenactment events

Our artisans make this brigandine by historically accurate patterns. 

Base price includes following options:

  1. Brown wool for outer shell;
  2. Plates of cold-rolled steel 1.0 mm;
  3. Cotton lining
  4. Steel finding rivets;
  5. Black leather straps;
  6. Steel nickel-plated buckles;
  7. Straight bottom edge;
  8. XS-size;
  9. No decoration

You may also like Khatangu degel of the Golden Horde warrior. If you are looking for such Eastern body protection, made of lamellas, you might be interested at steel or leather lamellar armor

We recommend you to wear this medieval brigandine over the Eastern gambeson, tunic and pants. For head and arms protection, we may offer you Tatar-Mongolian helmet of the XII-XV centuries and Eastern bracers.

In category “Brigandines”, you can see all models that we offer for ordering. If you didn’t find any for your taste and wish, please send us photo and description of the required model and we will make it for you.

In this article you may read history of this beautiful armor.

We also offer you read short review about brigandine and how to choose a brigand body protection.

This article will tell you about materials and fabrics for this medieval armor.


If you don’t like the received product for any reason, you may send it back to us within 14 days. If the received item has defects or does not fit your parameters, we will make a new item and send it to you at our costs. If postal service lost your parcel, we make a search of it. If parcel could not be found, we make new item at our expenses.


We ship orders via National Postal Service, who carries order to your local post office. Upon shipping, we provide you with tracking number of parcel. If you need express delivery (DHL, TNT, etc.), please contact us.


Every product is handcrafted and requires time for manufacture. Approximate time:

  • Gambeson and padded armor – 8-9 weeks;
  • Costumes and other clothing – 4-6 weeks;
  • Brigandines – 3-4 months;
  • Leather accessories 2-4 weeks;
  • Metal armor – 2-5 months.

Please contact us if you would like to know more precise terms.

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Brianna Tench
Craftsmen was quick in communication, gave wonderful progress pictures, and the armor was well fitted and of excellent quality. Despite the weight inherent in such a set it's very comfortable to wear and I have great range of motion.
I just got this armor and must say it is impressive! Every piece is excellent and all together fits me very good. my complimets to crafters:)
Jeremy J. Wilson
Khatanga is absolutely outsatnding; crfatsmanship shows through every stitch and rivet. I was afraid it will be a bit heavy but it is very comfortable and fitting is really good. Lots of compliments to all Steel Mastery team
Super cool brigand armor! I have it with titanium plates and black leather cover. It is light enough and holds the hits good, I'm totally satisfied. I also have Asian style padded coat from this store and must say it is the best choice for wearing under this khatanga. It took about 2 months from placing of order till receiving of my armor and it's totally ok as for this custom armor. Big thanks to artisans!
J'ai reçu cette armure il y a peu de temps. Les finitions sont parfaites et la qualité de fabrication est parfaite. J'ai opté pour un modèle en tissus et en titane de 1 mm. J'ai choisi le titane pour des raisons de solidité et de légèreté. je souhaite utiliser cette armure autant en combat libre quand tournage vidéo de combat chorégraphié. Pour le moment je l'ai utilisé en combat d'entrainement et de démonstration et je ne suis pas déçu. Les plaques tiennent le choc sans problème. Donc pour finir un bon produit fait avec soin I received this armor recently. The finishes are perfect and the build quality is perfect. I opted for a fabric and titanium model of 1 mm. I chose titanium for reasons of strength and lightness. I want to use this armor in free combatand also in choreographed video shooting. For now I used it in training and demonstration combat and I'm not disappointed. The plates hold the shock without problem. So to finish a good product done with care
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