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Medieval arm armour

About Medieval arm armour


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Leather brigandine bracers
Leather brigandine bracers

I bought Brigandine Bracers and I habe to say, the quality is top. They look really fantastic and you can also see, thats a real handmade product. So the product price is Ok. The Leather is also really good - it´s a thick one. They built the bracers to the measurements I gave them - so its fits really good. With the metal plate inside its a really good forearme prodection. I can recommend this product....the only thing is, its a handmade product which means it takes a bit to produce, so you have to order early enough if you need it by a certain time.

Leather brigandine bracers
Leather brigandine bracers

Bracers are good, leather is perfectly carfted. Also its quite flexible so I may wear brace over more or less thick underarmor and regulate width with belts. Special thanks to professional and kind customer service manager who answered all my questions promptly.

Simple Plate shoulders late 14th - early 15th century
H Baumann
Simple Plate shoulders late 14th - early 15th century

Very well made, fits perfectly over my gambeson. Looking forward to more pieces from Steel Mastery.

Plate shoulders bump stops in the Milan style
Plate shoulders bump stops in the Milan style

We got a pair of these (as part of a set) for our son (17) and they are superb. The workmanship is second to none and the attention to detail wonderful. They're heavyweight, sturdy and feels like they should last a lifetime.