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Ready to ship

About Ready to ship

Dear friend,

Welcome to category “Ready to ship”.

Here you may find medieval armor, padded protection (gambesons, chausses, etc.) and men’s and women’s clothing that are completely ready for immediate shipping.

All the items from this category were used only for promotional photo shoots. We have never used it for battles, any events, etc.

Every item has measurements in description, so you may check if it will fit you. Also, if an item has some marks/damages, we mention it as well.

Goods from category “Ready to ship” are not customizable. However, if you like some of them very much and want to order it with other options and for your individual parameters, please follow the link in item description.

We ship an item from this category within 7 days after order placement.

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Review about items

Medieval short Gambeson
Jakob Heinesen
Medieval short Gambeson

I love the gambeson. It is great to wear, easy to put on and take off and comes with extra parts for replacing broken straps. Delivery was fast (2 weeks-ish) considering the situation in Ukraine.

Medieval short Gambeson
Sirawit L.
Medieval short Gambeson

The gambeson I received is of great quality and it feels great to wear. Took some time to deliver but it's understandable given the situation in Ukraine right now. I would recommend this item.

Leather lamellar plates set  D shape
Leather lamellar plates set D shape

these came in very handy and perfect for what i wanted.

Medieval clothing clasp 1 pair in stock
Medieval clothing clasp 1 pair in stock

Ich habe im Oktober 2022 bei Steel-Mastery diese und noch einige weitere Accessoires bestellt und bin schwer beeindruckt von der hervorragenden Gußqualität. Insbesondere bei dieser Schließe bin ich von dem fertigen Objekt noch mehr beeindruckt, als von den sehr guten Fotos dazu. Die Gussqualität und Präzision der einzelnen Details ist exzellent. Mit dem Steel-Mastery Team hatte ich seine sehr gute und professionelle schriftliche Kommunikation und bin insgesamt sehr positiv angetan. Insgesamt kann sie guten Gewissens wärmstens weitermempfehlen.