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Ready to ship

About Ready to ship

Dear friend,

Welcome to category “Ready to ship”.

Here you may find medieval armor, padded protection (gambesons, chausses, etc.) and men’s and women’s clothing that are completely ready for immediate shipping.

All the items from this category were used only for promotional photo shoots. We have never used it for battles, any events, etc.

Every item has measurements in description, so you may check if it will fit you. Also, if an item has some marks/damages, we mention it as well.

Goods from category “Ready to ship” are not customizable. However, if you like some of them very much and want to order it with other options and for your individual parameters, please follow the link in item description.

We ship an item from this category within 7 days after order placement.

Review about items

  • Viking gambeson
    Viking gambeson

    Terrence Malick

    Easy online ordering, but not very quick delivery. The staff is very helpful and nice. Help me with all my stupid questions. I am a newbie. I would definitely recommend steel mastery as it also has very good prices ! My gambeson just gorgeous.

  •  Linen gambeson
    Linen gambeson

    Gael Garcia

    Nice gambeson. It is second gambeson that i have bought. First one is partly ruined from outside (6 years in use), but I still could give a shit to anybody. It still in one piece))

  • Gambeson eastern (wine red)
    Gambeson eastern (wine red)

    Evan Ford

    Just got it. It was delivered faster than I had expected. Fits great. I have already recommended the store to other reenactors in my area. Thank you.

  • Women s gambeson 1 layer of padding
    Women s gambeson 1 layer of padding

    Liza Terence

    Much better than it is on the photo. Very good materials, nice looking models. it is not my first visit to your website and definitely not the last one. Thank you))

  • Women s gambeson 1 layer of padding
    Women s gambeson 1 layer of padding

    Sara Sew

    The gambeson was perfect, very well packed, and shipped fast! Five stars A++!