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Fantasy and LARP armour

About Fantasy and LARP armour

Welcome to the section “Fantasy and LARP armour”. Here you can order elements of light body protection in fantasy style.

We make this armour by hands according to the individual parameters of customer. Body defense is based on the models from fantasy movies and computer games.

To order such gorgeous armour, you need to do few simple steps:

  1. Open the item page;
  2. Choose type and thickness of material;
  3. Choose colour of leather and belts;
  4. Define your size;
  5. Add buckles (steel or brass).

If you have any difficulties with choosing, please contact our manager. We will help you to define your size, required model and its complement.

All samples of spaulders, cuirasses, corsets, etc. are perfect for participation in live action role-playing games and events of fantasy theme.

Once all options are chosen, you need to add item to the cart and make a payment. After that, manager will contact you with measurement request and specification of order’s details.

If you did not find the wished armour in this section, we can make it individually for you. Just send picture with detailed description to [email protected] Then we will quote you and discuss details of order.

Orks, dwarves, wizards, Dark Lords and High Elves moved from fantasy books to our real life. Gifted writers created miraculous universes and we are glad to immerse in this atmosphere. So, incredible popularity of LARP games is explained by this factor.

Fantasy-style armour is necessary attribute for all Dark and Light warriors of fairy worlds. This defense is made of thick waxed leather and can be painted with silver paint. Due to painting and tooling, armour has amazing look. And, of course, it is possible to tool your own pattern on leather body protection.  

Solidity of the offered goods provides with rather good protection from LARP-weapon blows. You may wear padded under armour to reinforce protective qualities. All leather elements are light enough, that is important advantage for long tracking. All bracings are designed by professionals, and leather belts with buckles allow firm fixation on the body.

Fantasy-style armour by Steel Mastery will make you stand out the crowd. It will not only conform a specific fantasy world, but also serve you for long time!

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Review about items

Leather bracers with diamond pattern
Nathan Buchanan
Leather bracers with diamond pattern

feels good, fits snug, well crafted, looks great.



Shadiversity LARP brigandine armor set (EVA Foam)
Shadiversity LARP brigandine armor set (EVA Foam)

Order arrived fast and safe, thank you. Vey high quality LARP armor, i love it.

Shadiversity LARP brigandine armor set (EVA Foam)
Shadiversity LARP brigandine armor set (EVA Foam)

This set is amazing! Look like real one bit weight just nothing! So if you need realistik looking armor - this is your choice :)