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Brigandine gauntlets and mittens

About Brigandine gauntlets and mittens

Brigandine gauntlets and mittens

Review about items

  • Leather laminar mitten
    Leather laminar mitten


    Well made, fits very well and able to take a direct hit with force.

  • Leather laminar mitten
    Leather laminar mitten

     PL. G.

    Awesome mitten, fits well, used in buhurt duel, strong enought to get my hand out of trouble. I recommend.

  • Set of leather laminar mittens
    Set of leather laminar mittens

    Manuel Gonzalez

    Recently purchased the a set of laminar mittens. The craftsmanship and details are incredible!!!! Very nice and beautiful craftsmanship work!!! They feel and fit great, really love how they conceal and cover the hand. What I also like is that they seem easy to repair in case the leather gets damaged or if the straps break. Finally was able to test them on a light sparring match, love how they felt around the handle of the sword and the freedom of movement they offer my hands. Compared to other mittens & gloves that I have tried for practicing H.E.M.A. these gloves actually let me feel the handle of the sword and allow me to have a proper grip on the sword. So far so good and I am really satisfied with them.

  • Visby brigandine gauntlets
    Visby brigandine gauntlets


    The gauntlets are a really spledit piece of work. They fit really well and are very robust. The whole process of the purchase went great and without any problems. Thank you again.