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About Legs


Medieval leg armor

 The strange thing about Roman soldiers in the comics was the amount of trouble they took over their armor and their helmets, and then, after all that, they left their legs bare. It didn't make any sense at all. Weatherwise or otherwise.

Arundhati Roy

So that you won’t hear anything alike about yourself, Steel Mastery presents a wide range of medieval leg armor. After all, warriors neglect legs armour only in movies. In real life, leg protection along with body, head, or arm ones have been a high priority since ancient times.   Any fighter will find here superior protection at his or her taste or necessity. If you need prehistoric thigh armor or greaves armor, we can also produce it at your request.

Let’s start with Metal leg protection – steel and shiny. It isn’t the earliest one, however, the fullest most reliable medieval ages leg armor. We also have something to delight medieval armor lovers. Take fabulous full plate legs by George Clifford with its smooth silhouette as well as exquisite metal-etched flower ornament – not only they look as fashionable chausses but they are a real armor. Besides, check out compact functional steel knee protection decorated with brassy pictured strips.

Brigandine leg protection is another definitely interesting section. It includes fantabulous brigandine thigh protection, which is equally good for interior, portrait, or buhurt tournament. Moreover, there are modest but cool members of splinted armor family – splinted greaves that provide flawless protection.

In fact, chain mail leggings’ retro-chic is also still relevant although it was out of fashion by the  High Medieval Ages. What if the Crusades is soon but you have no metal leggings?

You’re not interested to stay in historical reconstruction or middle ages realms? Your soul wants something peculiar? We have a whole Leather and LARP leg armor section, where nothing limits clients’ and craftsmen’s flight of imagination. Starting with steel greaves in fantasy style for Noldo the Elf or Knight of Heroes of Might and Magic, ending with leather gladiator greaves for blood-covered Colosseum arena – these plus any other fantasy or historical leg armor are in our collection.

In case you’re choosing medieval padded leg armor to join a real fight or planning on training in something lighter, you definitely need leg padding, like comfortable padded chausses from XII-XIII centuries. They protect leg from hips’ external parts and groin to hips’ internal parts and feet. More to say, if you’re not sure about padding layers number, we have gambesons layers padding samples, just choose and order!

Medieval leg clothing

Let’s not stop on armor bit only, as your apparel is not full without stylish medieval trousers as well as medieval undergarments made by Steel Mastery.

We’ll start with braies – man’s medieval underwear. It’s worth noting, that even in XII-XIV centuries there has already been not only fashion for upper garments but undergarments as well. Fashionable Italian would most likely choose playful men's undergarment, while British gentlemen or German knights would rather wear brutal medieval men's braies.

Medieval pants, although not so popular over the larger part of Medieval Europe, were a must-have for apparel of Viking, Slavonian, Mogul, Osman, Tang Dynasty warriors, Venetians, pirates of the Caribbean. They are also a better choice for SCA than chausses. The best part is that Steel Mastery has absolutely fabulous unique best handmade wide medieval trousers, that suits to all listed above. Besides, if you’re getting ready for a journey to Erebor, here are your Dwarf pants.

Speaking of Medieval Europe’s popular chausses, not only we have fancy XV century Tight chausses with codpiece for men, but also elegant authentic women's stockings for fair ladies from XII-XV centuries. Moreover, we have arming belts for fighters as these are essential while wearing armour handcrafted Belt for chausses with leather suspenders.

Our craftsmen are working on medieval leg armor and clothing for over 15 years, so no matter what you’ve ordered – plate legs or chausses – you will receive best quality product made exactly according to your measurements and wishes.

Talking of measurements, it’s best to use our How to take measurements for legs’ armor manual. We’ve prepared it specially for your convenience so that we can produce historical custom leg armor and clothing.

Bear in mind that you can return an order that doesn’t fit at your own cost. This way Steel Mastery’s craftsmen can rework it according to your desires.

If you want something but couldn’t find among our products, contact us via  [email protected], send photos, pictures, wishes. We will create and produce an entirely new model specially for you.

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Review about items

Belt for chausses with leather suspenders
Belt for chausses with leather suspenders

Top customer service. Again any time.

Belt for chausses with leather suspenders
Belt for chausses with leather suspenders

Fits perfectly, holds the armor

Long padded chausses
William Glitsch
Long padded chausses

I have to again say EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP.. They fit very well and the belt is incredible. As usual Steel Mastery is the best at quality, in material and workmanship. Highly recommended.

Long padded chausses
Ashton Carneiro
Long padded chausses

They're amazing, fit like a glove. Wonderful texture and fabric. Wouldn't go anywhere else for them.