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About Legs


Review about items

  • Men s undergarment XII-XIV centuries
    Men s undergarment XII-XIV centuries


    Both linen and cotton are great quality and tailored to fit you. They will hide under your clothes easily unlike other braies that will bunch up and show under your clothing. Making these braies a great choice for your outfits.

  • Wide medieval pants
    Wide medieval pants


    great hand made item, fast production and shipping time, fitted me perfectly, great communications throughout purchase. Even arrived in brown paper string tied parcel with a waxed seal..a great touch. Highly recomend this product. Thank you Steel Mastery team :>


    Samuel Janiv

    A bit long if you have a medium-frame like I do, however it certainly is resilient. I would advise nonetheless to use some braces to relieve back pains if you intend to use the belt to support plate legs.

  • Long padded chausses
    Long padded chausses


    Tight fitting with no restriction to movement. Well built, and warm, very warm.

  • Long padded chausses
    Long padded chausses

    Al Romero

    I ordered these chausses and they came as promised. They were of excellent construction. If you live in a warm climate, however, be sure to only get 1 layer of padding. I got two layers and it was quite thick. I had my seamstress friend cut out one layer of padding. I may have her open up some vents too, but that's only because of the California heat. If thick, comfy padding is what you're after, this is the right product for you.

  • Pants, a part of fantasy-style costume "Dwarf"
    Pants, a part of fantasy-style costume "Dwarf"

     Sean W

    Great quality leggings, very comfortable and the leg wraps help to keep the lower legs firmly in place :)

  • Eastern Pants
    Eastern Pants

     Atte Lommi

    Astounding mobility and very comfortable cut, in my opinion beating even modern-made karate and elastic sports pants. Linen version breathes excellently and despite material being a bit coarse at first, does not chafe since the cut is so generously roomy. I made a small 10-second modification by cutting off the wrappings attached to ankles, since I feel tying them is much easier when both ends of the wrap are free to use. And when wearing longer boots they are not even needed.