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Armor for Legs

About Armor for Legs


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Review about items

Long padded chausses
William Glitsch
Long padded chausses

I have to again say EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP.. They fit very well and the belt is incredible. As usual Steel Mastery is the best at quality, in material and workmanship. Highly recommended.

Long padded chausses
Ashton Carneiro
Long padded chausses

They're amazing, fit like a glove. Wonderful texture and fabric. Wouldn't go anywhere else for them.

Long padded chausses
Long padded chausses

They are incredible! Fit me better than what I'm wearing under it even. The belt with suspenders for me, it's secure, no oddities or half measures taken. My doublet fit, chausses fit, shield perfect. Nice

Thigh protection
 Nash Presnell
Thigh protection

Could not be happier with these! It's incredible how unobstructive armor is when it's fit to the wearer, and these leg plates are a great example! Well made, sturdy, and compressable, I've got full range of movement while wearing them. They also roll up for easy storage!