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Leather lamellar armor




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Leather lamellar armor

Size ( waist circumference):
XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
Default options
  • Fastenings leather straps with steel nickel-plated buckles
  • Color of leather fastening black
  • Color of leather  brown
  • Lacing with cord
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Custom made

This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture. Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.

Edge decoration
Color of leather fastening
Color of leather
Size ( waist circumference)
Finish treatment


Leather lamellar armor

We would like to share this awesome and rare item with you – a copy of lamellar armor, worn by Jurchen warriors of the Eastern Xia (1215-1233 years). Are you confused? Don’t worry, we will tell you now.

 For entire five centuries, in the X-XV centuries, there were lived the Jurchen people on the lands of Manchuria, Central and North-Easter Chin and Primorsk Territory, who used armor very actively. They peaked in period from the 1115 until 1234 year. Nowadays, plates of the local lamellar armor are being excavated on the Primorsk Territory quite often. Findings from excavations from Krasnoyarovskoye, Shaiginskoye, Lazovskoye, South-Ussuriysk and Gusevskoye settlements told us a lot of the Jurchen armour.  

Yes, we could start our story about this armor like this way… Or, we could tell about Cataphract outfit, Chinese body protection, Avarian lamellar armors, Kerch lamellar defense, Old Turkic lamellar cuirass, Khudesutu Khuyag…

We think we will spot on the feature, which they all have in common:

Yes, “Everybody could be that guy” ©, as all of them differ only in materials, shape and quantity of holes in lamellas. Only these small plates differ, an armor in general remains the same: corset-cuirass, consisted of two halves, with fastenings on the shoulders and sides, spaulders and skirt-tasses for hips protection. 

Well, for creating of this armor, we were inspired by Arab painting of the XIV century, telling about fights with Mongols.

Let’s enjoy together an illustration with fights of Mongol cavalry troops from manuscript “Jami' al-tawarikh” of the XIV century, which is kept in German National Library (Berlin):

Or, civil strife:

Are they good? Definitely yes! Especially, their armor is very good. Awesome lamellar cuirasses of Mongol equestrians! We reconstructed one of such leather armor set for you. 

Remembering origin of lamellar armor, Steel Mastery artisans developed comfortable, light and good protecting leather lamellar armor set, which is ideal for reproduction of look and armament of Mongol warrior. It does not restrict movements of fighter and keeps combat qualities at the same time. There is functional leather armor for real connoisseurs.

Fragments of this custom-made leather armor are made by our craftsmen of the best thick tanned leather, interlaced with strong cord and trimmed with soft and firm leather.

We shortened skirt-tasses of this leather lamellar armor, so unmounted warrior could fight comfortably. However, if you have a flock of hot-tempered horses, so our artisans will gladly make tasses for mounted warrior.

Order this battle ready leather armor now and feel the hot wind that ruffles feather grass and spreads bitter armoise over the Great Steppe, carrying you into fearful, but so beautiful times of the Mongol conquests.

N.B. If you choose option lacing with cord, color of cord could be the same as color of leather fastenings, but if red and brown cords are out of stock, it will be black one. If you choose option lacing with leather cord, color of cord would be always the same as color of leather fastenings. 


If you don’t like the received product for any reason, you may send it back to us within 14 days. If the received item has defects or does not fit your parameters, we will make a new item and send it to you at our costs. If postal service lost your parcel, we make a search of it. If parcel could not be found, we make new item at our expenses.


We ship orders via National Postal Service, who carries order to your local post office. Upon shipping, we provide you with tracking number of parcel. If you need express delivery (DHL, TNT, etc.), please contact us.


Every product is handcrafted and requires time for manufacture. Approximate time:

  • Gambeson and padded armor – 8-9 weeks;
  • Costumes and other clothing – 4-6 weeks;
  • Brigandines – 3-4 months;
  • Leather accessories 2-4 weeks;
  • Metal armor – 2-5 months.

Please contact us if you would like to know more precise terms.

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I got order today and satisfied 100%! My compliments to crafters for very beautiful qork. Armour fits perfect, it is light and all movements are comfortable. Thanks!
I ordered this armor in the same colour and it looks even better than on photos! I love it! VEry comfortable and fits perfect. Sales communication is also on point. Completely satisfied!
A very Nice Armor i love it it fits Perfect and its light and robust.
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