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Dear friends, welcome to the lamellar armor section! Here you will find both separate lamellar plates and lamellar body protection.

Section contains seven categories:

  1. Lamellar plates. Plates made of different type of metal or leather for self-assembling of lamellar armor.
  2. Lamellar body protection. Handcrafted medieval body armor made of metal or leather plates.
  3. Chain mails and hauberks. Mailed body protection, which was popular in early medieval times in Byzantium, Europe and Ancient Rus.
  4. Mail coifs and aventails. Mailed head and neck protection, perfect addition for medieval helmets.
  5. Mail stockings. Handcrafted mailed leg protection, good for bohurts and tournaments.
  6. Scale body armor and plates. Medieval body armor made of scales, as well as set of metal scales for self-assembling are represented in this category.
  7. Scale and mail gauntlets and mittens. Combined medieval hand armor, made of padded base with mail or scale outer layer.

Many historical resources, both written and graphical, dedicated to armour of Byzantine warriors, and especially the heavy cavalry, depict the widespread use of lamellars. The early mentions on lamellar plates sprang out of archeological records of Assyrians circa 900 600 BC. Among findings of Assyrian armour there are examples that can be classified clearly as scale armour, as well as the others that appeared to be lamellar.

The earliest definite instance of genuine lamellar was found in China (dated to c. 433 BC). Lamellar was used by various cultures from the East to the West up through the 16th century. It is commonly associated with the Japanese Samurai, although the armor came to Japan from contact with Tang Dynasty China. It is also associated with the steppe people of Southern Kyiv Rus such as the Scythians and Sarmatians, and Mongolia plains as well. Eastern armour found its distant mirror reflection in Vikings and Anglo-Saxons warcrafts. Making of lamellar armour by yourself is a good choice in creating custom design lamellars rendering your own ideas so long kept for a dream.

From Latin language «lamella» is translated as "plate", "scale". That's right; this armor is made from the plates, which are fastened to each other. On our website we present you a variety of forms of lamellar plates, which as the result become armor, in other words lamellar body protection.

Using these lamellar sets, you can assemble a lamellar armor after your own body design. Stamping makes our lamellar plates clear-cut. You can choose a standard set of plates of different forms: three- holes plates, D-shape plates, leather plates and leather scale. The set includes 100 lamellar armor plates. Moreover, you can order set of plates, both standard and custom-made, of various forms and size.


Choosing lamellar body protection, you should note that due to preserved manufacturing standards in forging of plates and its lacing, these lamellars take blows and punches without buckling its form. Up to 16th century these models had been commonly used at the most fierce attacks in the Middle East.

Our models of plate armors are very shock-proof. The convex plate form provides an excellent durability. These plate armors are very mobile and you stay free in your movement. In battle you are in absolute safety.

The range of our armors also includes an excellent model of leather lamellar armor. Producing this lamellar the armourers preserve medieval standards of plates manufacturing and cord binding. Leather armours have extra advantages. First, this is an authentic and historically correct material. It does not rust. Also the leather armour is comfortable, light and mobile. You are not tired and very hardy. Note that this model is very comfortable for transportation.

Mail armor is known for its way of making: small metal rings are linked together, creating a mail sheet, which form a mesh. Warriors were using this type of body armor as in ancient world, so in the medieval times all over Asia, Europe, Ancient Rus. At our site, we represent two types of mailed body armor: shirt with short sleeves and hauberk (long mailed coat with fastenings from the front). Both models can be customized by your wish, or we can make absolutely new model by your regards.

Chain mail protection defended hands, legs and head. Mail coifs were usually used with open-faced helmets in early medieval times, especial popularity it gained in Ancient Rus. But, soldiers completed their helmets with mail aventails for neck and chest protection till the late Middle Ages.


If you did not find the wished model of medieval scale, mail or lamellar armor in this section, please contact us via [email protected] or social networks and send full description/photo/draft of body armor of your dreams and we will make it come true:)

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Best armor I have ever ordered. I love the feel and look of the armor on me, it is perfect for Viking use and as well in other types of scenarios. Although while wearing it's a little hard trying to put it on. Which I think it would have been a lot easier if the said straps were probably attached on the back rather than the sides.

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