Cappelli da donna

Riguardo Cappelli da donna

Women's headwear

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The torse
The torse

Torse kit was perfect. Let them know your helmet size and they'll send you all the right stuff. You will look great in the tournament! --BKF

 Felt hat with horns
domniemany cielec
Felt hat with horns

now i can cosplay golden calf woohoo

Torse - medieval heraldy headband
Torse - medieval heraldy headband

When I ordered my Torse I put a request in for a colour combination they didn't normally do, but steel mastery went above and beyond to get not only the colour I had asked after, but got the perfect shade as well. My torse is absolutely beautiful, made to an incredibly high standard and will last me for many, many years to come. I cannot be happier

Medieval hood with long tail
Kryton Gackle
Medieval hood with long tail

Fantastic in nearly every way. I recommend to anyone looking for that 'look' or style.