Large-plate brigandine




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Large-plate brigandine

XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
Opzioni predefinite
  • Shell fabric for brigandine  wool, 85-100%
  • Fastenings leather straps with steel nickel-plated buckles
  • Color of leather fastening black
  • Material of metal plates for brigandines cold-rolled steel - 1.0 mm (18 ga)
  • Two-color design one colour
  • Rivets finding rivets
  • Spaulders absent
  • Design of the bottom edge standard
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Su misura

L’articolo è fatto su misura,il che significa che i nostri artigiani usano le misure individuali del corpo di un cliente per la manifattura. Tale tipo di manifattura fornisce una perfetta calzatura dell’articolo.

Shell fabric for brigandine
Color of leather fastening
Material of metal plates for brigandines
Two-color design
Design of the bottom edge


Among XIV-XV-century large-plated brigandines one of the most popular is "Chalkis type I brigandine". 

Custom medieval plates’ armor is made-to-measure item. That means that our artisans use individual body parameters and personal regards of client to handcraft such body protection.

This stylish brigandine is a perfect choice for knights and rich fighters from all military branches. Chalkis type brigandine's main design features are its leather fasteners with buckles in front and 6 peculiar arranged large metal plates.


Some fragments of brigandines found still retain elements of their original velvet covering.

This well-preserved brigandine was found in 1840 in the former Venetian Castle of Negroponte (Chalcis), Euboea, Greece (Venetian colony from 1209 to 1470, until the Turks conquered it) and got the name of it.

Nowadays, Chalcis hoard is divided between the Ethnological Museum, Athens, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.


David and Goliath, Psalter and Hours, Dominican use (the 'Prayerbook of Alphonso V of Aragon'), 1436-1443

St. Michael and the Dragon, Tempera on wood, gold ground by Unknown Spanish artist, 1405

And check out how cool the Chalkis brigandine can be complemented by these gorgeous whole hammered spaulders covered with leather or covered round pauldrons thereby creating a single stylish ensemble.

Base price includes following options:

  1. Wool for outer shell;
  2. Plates of cold-rolled steel 1.0 mm;
  3. Steel finding rivets;
  4. Black leather straps;
  5. Steel nickel-plated buckles;
  6. Straight bottom edge;
  7. XS-L-size

In options, we offer you to choose type and thickness of plates, for example, cold-rolled or stainless steel, or titanium. Such materials, as leather, velvet or suede of different colours are available for order.

If you choose half-coloured or quarter-coloured brigandine, please inform us via [email protected], what colours you prefer and its exact disposition.

Main photo shows medieval knight’s armour with following options:

  • Wine-red leather for outer shell;
  • Plates of cold-rolled steel 1.0 mm;
  • Brass rivets;
  • Brown leather straps;
  • Cast bronze buckles;
  • Straight bottom edge;
  • L-size

Benefits, which you’ll get, if you buy brigandine armour at Steel Mastery:

  1. Custom-made high-quality body protection, made of natural material by your individual parameters;
  2. Reliability and comfortable wearing for years;
  3. Product made by experienced tailors and artisans, who really know how to make a good armor;
  4. Convenient payment systems (Paypal, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, American Express);
  5. Flexible return system in case if you don’t like an item.

You may also like Munich brigandine (corazzine) of the XIV-XV centuries, which is also large-plate armor.

We recommend wearing of such medieval body armor over the padded gambesonBrigandine arms and legs protection will be perfect addition.

In section “Brigandines”, you can see all models of brigandines for sale. If you didn’t find any for your taste, wish and needs, please send us photo and description of the required model and we will make it for you.

We also offer you read short review about brigandine and choosing of a brigand body protection.

This article will tell you about materials and fabrics for this medieval armor.


Se non ti piace il prodotto ricevuto per qualsiasi ragione,puoi mandarlo indietro a noi entro 14 giorni. Se il prodotto ricevuto ha difetti o non calza i tuoi parametri,rifaremo un nuovo articolo e te lo invieremo ai nostri costi. Se il servizio postale ha perso il tuo pacco,facciamo una ricerca. Se il pacco non può essere rintracciato,facciamo un nuovo articolo a nostre spese.


Noi spediamo gli ordini tramite il Servizio Postale Nazionale,che porta gli ordini al tuo ufficio postale locale. Al momento della spedizione,ti forniamo un numero di tracciabilità del pacco. Se hai bisogno della consegna espressa(DHL, TNT, etc…),per favore contattaci


Ogni prodotto è fatto a mano e richiede tempo per la manifattura. Tempo approssimativo:

  • Gambeson e armatura imbottita – 8-9 settimane;
  • Costumi e altro vestiario – 4-6 settimane;
  • Brigandine 3-4 mesi
  • Accessori in pelle 2-4 settimane;
  • Armatura Metallica 2-5 mesi
Per favore contattaci se vuoi saperne di più riguardo maggiori termini.

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Tough and good looking, mobile and easy to don and doff. Excellent customer service.
I received mine earlier in the summer. It's visually stunning with red wool and is really well made. Fits perfectly. Cross body motion of the arms is not impaired. Ann the accounts manager did a fantastic job of keeping me updated even through the dark days of spring 2020. Great customer service.
Kurt Holtfreter
I just got this piece of armor and I am completely blown away with how well it is built! It fits me just right and carries well on me so that I don't feel the weight at all. Started working through half-sword transitions, spear techniques and had no difficulty in pulling off these techniques. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good brigandine. I will also add that the customer service of Steel Mastery was incredible. They were informative, kept me updated, and facilitated my desires into this armor.
I got my brigandine just in time and very happy with it. Excellent service and outstanding work, compliments to blacksmiths!
Wow, this brigandine is superb! It is well-worked and materials are so good! I have it with titanium plates and it is lighter than I expected. Very good fitting and very practical design. I am so happy to have it. Highly recommended!
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