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This model of bow is recurve one. Complex Asian bows (medieval bow Hankyu in particular) formed the basis of this bow.

Technology of gluing of two different sorts of wood (ashwood and bamboo) was used for crafting of Sanmaiuchi bow.

We use the same method, creating our bows.

Highest draw weight, good accuracy, reliability and flexibility of bow are main peculiarities of such bow, because of bamboo lay.

Bows of this type are more powerful with equal draw weight, comparing to straight bows.

Main characteristics:

Length: 150 cm

Extension: 70-75 cm

Draw weight: 17-20 kg

Direct flight: 30-40 m

Flying range 45°: 130-150 m

Arrow string: dacron

We recommend to use this bow with such types of arrows:

- arrow with painted fletching 60 cm, 70 cm and 75 cm;

- arrow with goose fletching 60 cm, 70 cm and 75 cm

Set includes carrying bag.

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