Homemade soap

Homemade soap is an affordable luxury to pamper yourself. So that not only bathing but also simple hand washing will turn into an exquisite bath procedure. Our highest-level craftsmen use the best ingredients so that with our natural soap you can start your every day like a fairy tale. After all, soap is not such a simple thing...

About Homemade soap

The first soap-like thing we know was a slurry of ashes together with water used by the Sumerians in 3000 BC. Many ancient sources mention the use of "soap" citing its recipes. Greek physician Galen recommended the use of soap for both cleansing and medicinal purposes in the 2nd century A.D. For a long time after the fall of the Roman Empire in 467 A.D., there was a huge problem with bathing – severe unsanitary led to plagues in the Middle Ages. Anyway, till the XVIIth century, the situation remained pretty bad with cleanliness in most of Europe.

Interestingly, for a long time soap was used in the cloth industry, however, not for personal hygiene.

From the VIIth century soap manufacturing became an established craft in Europe with its own guilds, production secrets, and competition. Moreover, it was heavily taxed as a luxury item.

Generally, vegetable or animal oils with fragrances and ashes of plants were used for soap production.

Let’s start with modest but simply irreplaceable charcoal scrub homemade soap with its soft deep cleaning of skin as well as its renewal. Charcoal also warms the skin simultaneously promoting metabolic processes in cells. Besides, it has a good antiseptic effect. It’s the best choice to get soft smooth skin after washing.

A wonderful solution for extremely tender skin cleansing without overdrying is cool organic soap with coffee and cocoa. Perfect cosmetic product for morning showers as the light coffee fragrance will wake you up pleasantly. Ground coffee beans delicately scrub your skin while coffee and cocoa oils moisturize it thereby preventing premature aging while filling skin with vitamin E and antioxidants. Additionally, it heals slight wounds and fissures as well as creates a nice tonic effect.

If your skin needs maximum comfort and care, choose natural lavender soap with red clay. Lavender oil has a strong antiseptic effect, revitalizes and recovers skin. At the same time, red clay provides perfect skin cleansing and toning, inflammations removing, moisturizing, and soothing.

There is also a variety of other cool custom homemade soaps in our collection. If you want to try them all, just order a set of 7 bars of organic soap:

·         with white kaolin and eucalyptus;

·         with coffee and cocoa;

·         with white kaolin and fir needle oil;

·         with peppermint oil and blue clay;

·         with red clay and lavender oil;

·         with charcoal;

·         with white kaolin, peppermint, and rotocan oil

And enjoy them all.

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