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  • Viking men's coat Viking men's coat Viking men's coat Viking men's coat
    Viking men's coat

Viking men's coat

Viking men's coat... CLM-67
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Viking men’s coat

Long time ago, far from Asgard, when Alföðr Odin was simply wandering all the Nine Worlds in search of more adventures than wisdom. Then, in one of the world, either Midgard or Utgard, he was seen riding Sleipnir somewhere to the East. So, those who saw him claim with one voice that Odin looked like Odin, but he was wearing some especial Nordic costume. There was Viking coat, but short, loose and with buttons. Well, where could common Vikings and giants see such Viking jacket? Made of good quality mustard wool with so dark brown trimming, so it seems to be a black one. It is mid-thigh length, but has long sleeves. And, eight cast buttons from the front, which shine like stars. The Norse clothing of singular beauty. Have a look by yourself:

But how can’t you see?! Here is a horse, here is Odin, here is Viking coat. Alföðr did not ride naked, did he? Mind what you fantasize ;-)

So, people and giants saw, admired and told friends, friends – to their acquaintances, then rumor reached us. And, we decided to sew the same coat for you. Not the worse than Odin’s one.

If you wish, we can handmade this medieval Nordic clothing in other colors or change buttons. Why not? Nothing must be spared for a good person!

By default, Coat is made of wool with cotton lining. You may choose lenen lining in options.


This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture.
Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.

Lining fabric










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Viking men's coat




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