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Medieval undershirt with lacing - new photos!

Medieval undershirt with lacing - new photos! 2018-10-03

Medieval shirt with lacing was widespread mostly among nobility. Tailor were making it of silk or fine linen. We can make such model of cotton or linen by your parameters. Undershirt will go perfectly together with Burgundian style outfit or Landsknecht’s costume.  

All eyelets are sewn round by hands of our tailors. Lacing is placed on the neckline and sleeves’ edges. Also, there are pleats around collar. Undershirt is upper-thigh length; however, we can make it longer or shorter by your demand.


Please, have a look at category “Men’s underwear”. There are more models of early and late medieval shirts and pants.

Medieval undershirt with lacing - new photos!



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Jan Kannigowski

Jan Kannigowski 2022-02-10 16:43:47

Great quality and fits nicely too! Service is very good as well!