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  • Medieval peasant dress "Sun" Medieval peasant dress "Sun" Medieval peasant dress "Sun" Medieval peasant dress "Sun" Medieval peasant dress "Sun" Medieval peasant dress "Sun" Medieval peasant dress "Sun" Medieval peasant dress "Sun"
    Medieval peasant dress "Sun"

Medieval peasant dress "Sun"

Medieval peasant dre... CLW-34
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Medieval peasant dress "Sun"

Brocade is queenly; velvet is luxurious; silk is delicate; wool is comfortable and linen is soft… So, when choosing a dress for one more reenactment event, beautiful ladies hurry to order it made of these fabrics. They forget about simple, but amazing fabric. A foreigner, whose way runs from the deep of ground to the sun.

Peasant dress consist of: 


2.upper dress with braid

Today, we will tell you a fairytale about cotton that was used for making of this plain, but feminine medieval times dress. As born of this dress begins from the same moment, when cotton crops up the ground, lofts and blossoms with snow-white flowers. From the same moment, when cotton flowers, being warmed with sun rays, are changing to hard cotton balls, full of airy fibers, soft and tender as butterfly wings or even more tender. From the same moment, when fibers is being got out of cotton balls with care and is being teased, mixed, cleaned, stirred, pulled without remorse… From the same moment, when cotton fibers are spun, fabric is waved, and tailors cut this fabric and sew that visually pleasing medieval dress, feminine and plain one, in which it is comfortable as to work, so to dance on the meadow…

Years later, when this medieval peasant dress will be worn out, from the same moment a one will start to chop, crumple, digest, press this fabric until it will become a paper. And, from the same moment, when one will start to write and paint on the paper, which was a snow-white flower long time ago, so then one will write about this cotton fibers, and about this medieval dress, and even will paint it. And, even when the time of paper is out, then one will throw paper into a fire and at the same moment it will become a pillar of fire, which will sail up highly into the clouds. So highly, as cotton could not raise its white flower heads. And, the fire will flame so dazzlingly, as white piece of cotton fabric had never flamed. The written letters will flame up and all words and thoughts will turn into a fire! And then, our cotton will sail up to the sun!

The best tailors of Steel Mastery were sewing without letup just for you this medieval female dress of that amazing and great fabric, brought from the far lands. A dress is humble and fine, just like cotton flowers, strong and estimable, as a way, as cotton’s mileage. We named that medieval fancy dress “Sun” in honour of so challenging road. So you, wearing it and standing on the ground, would always remember that it will high up in the sun and above the sky in a moment. This dress, so simple and fancy at the same time, it was made not for balls and palaces. But, to make you feel the most classy and feminine in any day, when you are growing into a role of common medieval peasant.

Needless to say, a decorative trim on the dress is also made by skilful hands of our tailors.

If you choose linen in options, so both – upper and underdress – will be made of linen. When choosing wool, so underdress will be made of linen and upper dress – of wool. Colors are available in options as well. If you want upper and underdress of different colors, please send us the wished color combination to [email protected]

More simple or posh medieval dresses, you may see in category “Women’s dresses”.

Custom made

This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture.
Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.



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Medieval peasant dress "Sun"




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