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New categories

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How to wear medieval gloves

Guys, look our review of incredibly cool gloves! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvLdilnoVOo
This practical model was widespread among knight in the Middle Ages. 

Hoplite soldier’s armor and weapon

So, let's talk about hoplites, hoplon, doru, muscle armors, linothorax, greek helmets, and greaves!

About items in publications

Review about items

Plate shoulders bump stops in the Milan style
Plate shoulders bump stops in the Milan style

They fits good on me! Looks cool, and perfect mobility. Also it includes thick leather string. It's heavy as it looks, so I need to make my reather tabs on my gambeson stronger.

Arming doublet, 1405 year
Arming doublet, 1405 year

Quality is excellent, fits to me like a fine glove. Love getting hit in it, coloring work is vibrant, buckles look sexy and hold strong. It's all I could have wanted. And to top it off, a nice card of Best Wishes.

Belt for chausses with leather suspenders
Belt for chausses with leather suspenders

This is exactly what I was looking for! The perfect way to attach leg armour and preventing it from going to places at the wrong time ;) Very well crafted, can highly recommend

HEMA style gambeson
Isaias Murray
HEMA style gambeson

The quality of the fitting as well as the comfort of the gambeson is excellent. Customer service was also commendable, with them answering any questions I have had. Could not recommend more to anyone whom needs a gambeson