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Leather vest in Renaissance style




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Leather vest in Renaissance style

XS - waist 63-69 cm (25-27 in.)
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  • Fastenings leather straps with steel nickel-plated buckles
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Custom made

This item is a custom-made, which means that our crafters use individual body measurements of a client for manufacture. Such type of manufacturing provides with a perfect fit of an item.



Leather vest in Renaissance style

People said that Don Barzini sailed up to the Venice from the south-east, by the Grand Canal. He let gondola go near the steps of Palazzo Dario and walked to the Piazza San Marco. There, he leant against the twelve column of the Palazzo Ducale, waited until the midnight and only then stepped out of piazza shade towards the overconfident youngling in bright silk.

Taking a moment to set his leather armor vest, Don Barzini unsheathed smallsword and daga and have stubbed a jerk, who dared to challenge him, at the fifth second of duel.

No one told how Don Barzini left Venice and returned to Sicily. However, they were talking a lot about his leather armor costume that impressed friends of the killed jerk very much. And, it impressed so hard that every self-respecting noble Venetian got the same in a short time.

Here is it – medieval leather armor vest, which is comfortable as for fencing, so for coming up in the world. Strong but soft leather, vertical straps, plain fittings. Functional leather armor of a real man, the same which Don Barzini has.


If you don’t like the received product for any reason, you may send it back to us within 14 days. If the received item has defects or does not fit your parameters, we will make a new item and send it to you at our costs. If postal service lost your parcel, we make a search of it. If parcel could not be found, we make new item at our expenses.


We ship orders via National Postal Service, who carries order to your local post office. Upon shipping, we provide you with tracking number of parcel. If you need express delivery (DHL, TNT, etc.), please contact us.


Every product is handcrafted and requires time for manufacture. Approximate time:

  • Gambeson and padded armor – 8-9 weeks;
  • Costumes and other clothing – 4-6 weeks;
  • Brigandines – 3-4 months;
  • Leather accessories 2-4 weeks;
  • Metal armor – 2-5 months.

Please contact us if you would like to know more precise terms.

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I received my vest today and it is just awesome! It fits my torso perfectly and I do love color of leather (brown) - it looks really authentic and medieval! Thanks a lot!
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