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Underwear for real man! New photos of item.

Underwear for real man! New photos of item. -0001-11-30

You may see such long underpants at numerous gravures and pictures in ancient manuscripts. We use these sources to create or medieval clothing for true fans of history and the Middle Ages in particular. This model of men’s braies was popular in the XIII-XV centuries among men of all social classes. Though, rich people could have underpants made of silk, peasants and common people were wearing braies of cotton.

Braies has fabric string on the waistline and on the bottom of pants legs – that makes fitting comfortable.


We offer natural cotton and linen of white and natural colors for such braies. Category “Men’s underwear” will show your more models of underpants and shirts.

Underwear for real man! New photos of item.



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Mara 2019-11-12 22:12:44

Got these because after the summer events I realised full padding was suffocating. Perfect for events during heat waves