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Sigyn style

Sigyn style 2018-03-22

Again, we are wending to the North, inhospitable shore, mottled with fiords, to the moss-grown rocks and clinking ice-cold waterfalls.

Only this harsh land creates Goddesses and women as gorgeous as steady against any difficulties and miseries.

So, if you want a classy set for the most faithful and brave beauty, the one that will face up to difficulties as its wearer, so choose “Sigyn style” dress.

Once again, our “fashion guide” is a doctoral thesis of Inga Hagg, which is dedicated to women Birka dress (Kvinnodrakten i Birka, AUN 2, Uppsala, 1974) and show-room is Scandinavian historical museums.


Well, here is Sigyn – such a dignified, faithful and strong goddess and woman, that she definitely deserves admiration.


We offer you following elements for creation of Sigyn’s look: chaste and queenly chemise, raspberry-red hangerok and mustard coat.


Chemise of Sigyn is made of thin linen of grey color with fine ornamented embroidery on the neckline and sleeves. Cut of underdress is based on the remains of linen fabric that were founded in burial places of Kragelund, Hedeby and Birka and example from burial place 735 in Birka.

Let’s not forget about cut of chemise from Bocksten bog, which was typical for underwear of the North Europe of the VIII-XIV centuries. You can see it in Halland Museum of Cultural History, Varberg, Sweden.

Chemise has a small cut on the neckline, which is typical for Scandinavian chemises. This cut is fastened with fibula. You may order such handcrafted adornment in our medieval shop.


It bears reminding that there were four types of hangerok:

  1. Apron was wrapped around the body. It was open from the front and was held on the body with loops on the shoulders. Fibulae fastened it.
  2. Long overall that was worn over the apron and fastened to the fibulae.
  3. Long overall with train that was worn over the apron and fastened to the fibulae.
  4. Long train that was worn over the apron and fastened to the fibulae.

Types and ways of wearing of hangerok are based on the findings from Hedeby and Birka and golden figures for Hnefatafl, founded in Tusa.



Sigyn has chaste and classy hangerok #1. It is made of raspberry-red wool with trimming and has small pleats on the chest.  


Over hangerok, our Goddess wears one-of-a-kind Asgard coat… Or, a dress. Researchers are still discussing about how to call a piece of clothing from burial place 735 in Birka. Well, we are not discussing, we do sew.  

Unbuttoned caftan with sleeves is made of thick wool. It is knee-length and it can be fastened with beautiful disk-shaped or trefoil fibula.

Also, we’d like to say few words about decoration for this coat. It has trimming, but not a usual one. It is made of dozens of small multi-colored threaded braids, which were braided by our tailors’ hands, then adjusted and sewn to the borders of coat. Such a precise workmanship!

We used such colors for this dress by our own taste. But, of course, you may order your Viking dress in another color combination. Just send us the wished color for your Viking dress to [email protected]


Besides, we recommend covering your head with linen kerchief in color of chemise, necklace and fibulae for fastening to hangerok.

Why does exactly these accessories? Well, it is clear with kerchief: no one decent Asgard woman will go out without it. And, of course, not a single woman will refuse such luxury pair of fibulae from burial place 837 and beads from Birka:


By the way, you may see originals of all these amazing things with your own eyes in Birka Museum, Swedish History Museum and Hedeby Viking Museum.

We just made all the work for you and created awesome and beautiful outfit, in which you will look a real goddess ;)

Sigyn style



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