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Milanese cuirass - check out new photos!

Milanese cuirass - check out new photos! 2018-08-06

This Milanese cuirass is a part of well-know “Avant armor”, dated by the XV century. This metal body protection is very movable due to segments on the body part and skirt. Tassets cover and protect thighs.


Cuirass on the photos has sating polishing, black leather belts and steel nickel-plated buckles. You may choose another metal and fittings for your medieval armor in options.


Milanese pauldrons will be great addition for such cuirass.

Check out category “Cuirasses, breastplates and gorgets” to see more models of medieval body protection, which we offer for creating.

Milanese cuirass - check out new photos!



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Ienei Francisc

Ienei Francisc 2018-06-13 17:24:53

Great addition to my gear. You have a costumer for life.