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It is women's time!

It is women's time! -0001-11-30

There are some new photos of our popular padded gambeson for women.

The first one is made of gorgeous wine-red velvet with brass buttons – it deserves to be worn by the true military queen!


Tailor-made quilted protection of unbleached linen is slightly customized. Sleeves may be unfastened, so they transform into ¾ sleeves.


Finally, green cotton gambeson jack for the forest amazons.


Women’s gambeson has lacing on the sides, with which you may tight it for the best fitting on your shapes.

And, of course, you may choose any color and fastenings you wish: yellow velvet, royal blue linen or black leather with cast buttons, leather laces or belts with buckles. Let your imagination run free!

It is women's time!



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