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How to Get Away with Medieval Armor Murder


How to take care of items

How to Get Away with Medieval Armor Murder

Childhood dream came true! You are lucky owner of cool medieval armor by Steel Mastery. Real medieval armor, steel, shining and knights one… But, crafty rust is on the watch. It is always up to “murder” you gorgeous medieval battle armor. However, it is easy to protect it against that disaster; you just have to remember to carry out few simple actions mentioned below.

After every use, air out your armor and wipe it out with a piece of dry clothes. After every use! Not only after hot fight, but also after posing in it for family portrait.

Regarding the outer surface, so it depends on the type of finish treatment. Armor with satin polishing must be carefully cleaned with abrasive cloth, rubbed with oily rags and wiped completely dry with a piece of clean cloth. For caring of blued or mirror polishing, you need to use wax polishing.

Authentic medieval armor (yes, we create only that kind of armor!) should be kept in fabric bag and do not leave it outdoors overnight. There is very important rule! Even perfectly cleaned and polished armor may rust by morning, if you will leave it on the dew grass under the tree.

Even though you are lazy enough to muck about with that, so act like a king and buy new medieval armor every time when you ruin the previous one :)

How to Get Away with Medieval Armor Murder



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