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How to Get Away with Gambeson and Other Padded Armor Murder


How to take care of items

How to Get Away with Gambeson and Other Padded Armor Murder

You just bought a gambeson… A good one, high-quality gambeson, as you bought it from us. From now, you should not only shine at events, feeling the perfect protection, but also not to “murder” gambeson armor itself in the daily living. Quid pro quo, so to say. It saves you from bruises and fractures; you protect it against moldiness and mice.

Main enemy of your padded gambeson is sweat. Why?

The harsh reality of the padded armor is that if it’s stuffed with synthetic fibers, then it doesn’t absorb sweat, poorly protects, but is easily washed and dried. However, if it is full of natural wadding as it must be, then it is reliable, historically accurate and incredibly cool… And, it absorbs your sweat pretty good. Of course, our padded armor is stuffed with natural wadding – 50% cotton and 50% wool, and not a tittle of synthetics!

So, whether you wish to keep your gambison alive, then you have to follow few simple rules:

Rule number one – “put on – air out”. Always, always air out your padded medieval armor outdoors. After every using. It’s a must. Yes, we’re not kidding.

Second rule – “rely on professionals”, or “messed up – take it to the dry-cleaner’s”. Believe us, service fo dry-cleaner’s are cheaper, than a new gambison. Though, if you want to wash drops of enemy’s blood by yourself, then use washing mode “wool”, without spinning, at a temperature of not higher of 30°С. Well, also you may use detergent for wool washing. But, do not use a bleacher and do not iron! Better still to take your item to the dry-cleaner’s!

Third rule – “dry horizontally”. Even though you have ignored the second rule, so dry item correctly – not hanging, but laying it out on the level surface.

That’s it. Rules are simple, but if you are against the rules, then you always may purchase new custom padded armor from us ;-)

All these rules are acceptable as for gambeosn handling, so for other padded items, such as chausses, pelerines, liners or mittens.

How to Get Away with Gambeson and Other Padded Armor Murder



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