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How to Get Away with Brigandine Armor Murder

How to Get Away with Brigandine Armor Murder -0001-11-30

How to take care of items

How to Get Away with Brigandine Armor Murder

If you were lucky to purchase brigandine armor, made by Steel Mastery, then you got not only top-quality body protection, but also three potential ways of its “murder”. We talk about metal plates, base, on which plates are riveted and lining. Each of these elements can be “murdered” with careless handling, but we will give you a cue how to avoid that.

Let’s begin with inner side – lining, which is a natural fabric and most afraid of moldiness. The recipe is simple – after using, air out your brigand armor outside.

As any metal, plates are most afraid of moisture. So, after airing, keep brigandine in the fabric bag and do not leave it outdoors overnight.

As for outer layer of brigandine armour, so it’s always easier not to dirty it. A cotta over the brigandine will perfectly save it from the acid drops of the enemies’ blood, unctuous marks of their brains and common mud :) Even though you have dirtied brigantine, then it entirely depends on the fabric. It is easy to remove dirt with wet wipes from the leather cover. But, it is better to clean wool, velvet and suede with dry brush.

And, there is no brigandine armor “dead”. However, in any case, we always ready to sell your one more brigandine ;-)

How to Get Away with Brigandine Armor Murder



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