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Folks, now we also have HEMA training range!

Folks, now we also have HEMA training range! -0001-11-30

It’s a great choice because of:

* durable stainless steel visor without painting - no pieces of paint, flying into your eyes after strikes

* upper plate made of hardened steel - holds the blow of soft as well as wooden and even steel weapons

* visor, which drops below the level of the chin - excludes the possibility of injury when hitting from the bottom (no matter - with a foot, knee, and a sword)

* visor's arcs cover and protect the head at 3/4 - evenly distributing the impact force over the entire surface of the head (even if opponent step on your head, nothing will happen to you if you are in a helmet).

Pay attention to the detailed video review of the helmet:


Helmet can be made in two standard sizes, but if you want order made-to-measure item please write us and we can make it for child or very big men

Order it and enjoy!

Folks, now we also have HEMA training range!



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