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Female gambesons

Section presents protection specifically designed for beautiful ladies. Steel Mastery’s cut pattern of female gambesons takes into account anatomical features of female body creating a fighting but feminine silhouette.

About Female gambesons

Great variety of man gambesons are preserved throughout the history – number of images and sculptures exceeds all conceivable and unimaginable quantities. With women gambesons, things are more complicated. Despite numerous references to female warriors, there is no reliable evidence of the existence of female armor. Most likely, warlike ladies of the past wore men's armor. 

This is an unfair feature of the past. So let it remain in the past!

Modern lady-warriors have the right not only for reliability but also for beautiful protection. A good modern women's gambeson should not only protect but also please the eye. Lady has the right for quilted protection worthy of her beauty!

That's why we strive to make women's gambesons look best and use the most quality materials for them. All the best for a lady!

Our special secret cut of women gambeson perfectly fits any figure. And ladies surely will like natural fabrics we use for manufacturing. 

And, of course, Steel Mastery’s tailors are always ready to create custom feminine gambeson models just for you. All you need is to contact us via [email protected] and we’ll be happy to serve beautiful ladies.

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Review about items

Women's gambeson
Torben Grapatin
Women's gambeson

Verry Cool my Wife is happy. Happy Wife happy Life. The quality of the Gambeson ist verry good. The Support from Steel Mastery is outstanding. Thank you Ann. I make my Hobby since 1993 and i wish all my equipment have this quality standart. My english is bad i hobe my rating is helbful

Women's gambeson
Women's gambeson

I'm super happy with my amazing gambeson! All contact with the steal mastery has been absolutely fantastic from the time we met and took my measurements on the Wisby medieval market to the time that the gambeson came home to me in sweden. Thousand thanks!

Women's gambeson
Women's gambeson

I received my gambeson yestarday and it is amazing and very comfortable! It fits all my measurements and materials are so good. Nothing wrong at all, just what I expected to get:) Thanks!

Women's gambeson
Women's gambeson

I just wanted to say BIG THANKS to all Steel Mastery team for this awesom gambeson! I have it with two layers, royal blue linen (color is even better and brighter than I expected!), good stitching and fit is simply FANTASTIC! And I like the idea of laced sleeves: as a result I got two for the prce fo one - super comfy gambeson and padded jack:) Love this gambeson to bits, thank you guys!