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Englishman, an archer, and a longbowman!

Englishman, an archer, and a longbowman! 2020-05-19

Friends, meet a cool medieval fellow – an Englishman, an archer, and a longbowman. 

Look at a pleasant and interesting image of a XVIth century soldier of fortune, surely will have success at any medieval-styled event: SCA, HEMA, Reenactment, Larp, Stage performances, Medieval festivals. 

This set includes:

  • dandy leather jack 
  • a cabasset on his head, it very well sits on archer’s head and protects shoulders from cavalrymen's blows from above  
  • plate shoulders are the most expensive part of armor. He got them as a trophy from a fallen knight.  And since Europe didn’t know about quivers until 1513, he wears arrows behind his belt.

Our fellow wears simple clothes, already “not fashionable” at the beginning of the XVIth century.

But why must this bother him at all, since in his homeland – Surrey County – everyone walks like that? 

So don't waste your time and order a custom-made high-quality medieval look from Steel Mastery! 

Englishman, an archer, and a longbowman!



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